Concerning Trolls

Yesterday I made a post about internet trolls. But I’ve decided this is far more important and deserves attention.

Be nice to each other, people, don’t cause hurt to others. If you need to bully someone to boost your own ego then seek help instead. Because once you cross that line, you don’t know where it’s going to lead.

Apologies First, I want to apologize for this mini rant. These are my feelings about things that have been told to me by my daughter about her friends and coworkers and strangers. It’s hard enough to live in this world constantly second-guessing yourself, but it makes it so much more difficult when people are cruel.…

via Haterz Gonna Hate, but WTF Stranger? — Mischa Eliot | M. J. Spencer | Author of SmuttyWorks | Write.Every.Day. Blog

8 thoughts on “Concerning Trolls

    • She has, and it really is bewildering. I get very upset when there are bullies around, because I have seen some people quite literally destroyed by it.

      It makes me sad, and it makes me scared – not of the bullies themselves, but of what those being bullied might do.

      If anyone ever finds themselves being bullied anywhere at all, and needs to vent or just talk it through, feel free to get in touch.

      • It is certainly a sad and scary situation. Harsh words can hurt, and when those words are coming from many sides, I can see how it would be devastating. I’ve read in the news about teenagers being depressed and suicidal because of online bullying — and that is a horrible thing. I hope they reach out for support, for loved ones to counteract the bullies.

  1. not even controversial. just any article where the reader suddenly feels insecure or threatened. in south africa we have so many astonishing writers, writing on race or privilege. the haters are gonna hate boy…

    • So true, which is why I removed my post and replaced it with this reblog. Because hey, I was trolled online and I can definitely take it. I’ve had much worse. But talking like that to someone in real life? That’s one step beyond if you ask me.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Nicci! I appreciate you. Joking and taunting is one thing, outright telling someone to commit suicide over something stupid such as the sports team they like is way beyond the line. Telling someone to commit suicide for any reason, actually, is way beyond the line.

    • Agreed, there is never a good reason to do something like that. I know you told me that your daughter’s friend wasn’t terribly upset by it, but that’s really not the point – the point is that she could have been.

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