Excerpt: Girl Next Door Part 1

Katrin licked her lips, smiled, and ran her hands down the sides of her body, started playing with the ties on her bikini briefs. Suddenly my mouth felt dry. I wanted to gulp, but didn’t dare.

Youth dripped from Katrin, the way that condensation drips from a cool glass on a hot day, making you desperate to quench your thirst. Her breasts were firm, her skin unblemished. Her hair was black satin, straight and short. She twirled a finger around the tie that held her briefs in place, then pulled it away and let it fall free. As she did the same with the other, and I knew that if she only stood they would fall away, I felt my panties start to stick against my skin.

She reached a hand beneath the fabric, and I let out an involuntary sigh.


Girl Next Door is free to read on Kindle Unlimited, or you can buy it in the Kindle store.

Girl Next Door 2nd Edition v3

“Girl Next Door” part 1 was originally written for Masturbation Monday Week 93. Visit the Masturbation Monday page for masses of free stories.


20 thoughts on “Excerpt: Girl Next Door Part 1

  1. Absolutely loved this! The detail is exquisite. I wear those kinds of sunglasses. Sort of, they aren’t huge ones like Paris Hilton would wear, but close. I could just imagine playing this game with someone.

    I tried writing mine on my lunch but was interrupted twice (even though I ran away from my desk, part of it was my fault). Then I got distracted by comments and email and gchat. I completely rushed mine. 😡

  2. Oh, I love them! My neighbors are all so boring! Or assholes. I would love to read more about them!

    • Haha, OK OK, done. There shall be more, and there shall be love and cute lesbian sex.

      Glad you liked it, it means a lot that so many people enjoyed reading it 🙂

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