Monica’s Party

Monica and Katrin are the two leads from Girl Next Door, a tale of lesbian temptation – available now in print and digital. This story is set after those events.

When the topic of conversation moved on, Monica had hoped it would be to something more interesting. Something like the consistency of paint, or a discussion of the finer points of the sound of nails being drawn down a blackboard. At least those things she would have been able to join in with. Instead, they moved on to the finances for the last quarter, and she took the opportunity to quietly excuse herself.

Dishes were stacked in piles in the kitchen, waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher. The acrid smell of coffee that had brewed too long sat heavy in the air. She could still hear Martin, Amy and Dan mumbling to each other in serious voices. They probably hadn’t even noticed that she wasn’t there.

She slipped off her shoes in the hall, grateful for the feel of carpet on her bare feet, and padded up the stairs to her bedroom. The door clicked closed, she leaned back, and breathed out a long breath.

Then she picked up the phone.




She sat on the floor and leaned against the bed. “I’m bored.”

“Come over, I’m here all alone.”

“I can’t.” She pulled the band from her hair and let it fall loose. “I’m supposed to be the hostess.”

“What are you wearing?”

Monica licked her lips, closed her eyes. “A little black dress.”

“Take it off.”

She did as she was told without a word, dropping the phone on the floor and lifting the hem. The dress shushed over her skin, rubbing against her breasts, her hardening nipples, making her flinch. Then she dropped it in a heap and picked up the phone.

“Are you naked?” Katrin sounded eager.

Monica laughed. “No. I wasn’t naked underneath.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t be bored if you were.” Katrin giggled. “OK, tell me what you’re wearing.”

“A bra and panties.”

“Are they a set?”


“What colour?”

Monica could feel her pussy starting to get damp. She shifted her legs. “White. They’re chequered.”

“You need to start buying more exciting colours. Next week you will come lingerie shopping.”

“That would be nice.” She bit her lip.

“It will be fun. I promise. Now take your bra off. Do it slowly.”

Monica reached around behind her, unclipped the bra, felt her breasts fall free.

“Feel how the straps slide over your skin.”

She slipped one strap off her shoulder, it rubbed and tickled as it moved down her arm. The other came loose on its own and she pulled it forward, then put the phone aside for a moment while she removed the bra completely.

“Now your panties. Are they damp?”

Monica reached a hand down, ran a finger in a circle around her pussy. “Yes.”

“Good. Slip your hands beneath the waistband and push them down, kick them away to the other side of the room.”

She obeyed and the panties went flying, knocked against the light fitting and sent shadows spinning into the corners of the room. She snorted a laugh. “Done.”

“Are you having fun?”

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Written for Masturbation Monday week 101. Hosted by Kayla Lords, this weekly event is worth checking out if you enjoy smutty, sultry, sexy fiction!


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Monica’s hidden desires for her new neighbor are threatening to boil over. But both women have husbands, and while the young, lithe Katrin seems to delight in her lesbian fantasies, for Monica this temptation brings feelings of guilt and doubt. Will she indulge her lust and accept the forbidden pleasure of a lesbian affair?

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