One Stormy Night… Part 3

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I wished she would look at me.

Her eyes, downcast, her face red. I clutched my hands over my breasts as I shrank away. What had I done? “Mrs. Adler, I’m…” What, Charlotte? Sorry? You just kissed your best friend’s mother. “I’m not sure what I was doing. Mrs. Adler, please, I… I should go.”

My bottom lip was quivering, but I forced away the tears. This wasn’t the time for waterworks. I grabbed my blouse off the sofa.

“You can’t wear that, Charlotte. You’ll catch your death.”

I took a deep breath, steeled myself against the coming fury, instinctively took a step back. The warmth from the fire was like the heat coursing through my body.

“Mrs. Adler, I’m sorry.”

“Are you?” She raised her eyebrows.

I opened my mouth to speak, but she cut me off.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me in the past.” She folded her arms under her bosom. “I’ve tried to dismiss it, tell myself that it was just my imagination. But here we are, in my living room. And there you are, with the taste of me still on your lips.”

I took a breath, tried to avoid swallowing. “Mrs. Adler -”

“Iris, Charlotte, my name is Iris. We’re not at a mother’s club meeting.” She tilted her head down, regarded me over the top of her spectacles. “Did you mean it?”

Did I mean what? “I don’t understand… Iris, I -”

“When you said that you weren’t sure what you were doing. Was that true, or did you just say it because you thought it was what I wanted to hear?”

I felt like I was tumbling down a flight of stairs, unable to stop myself, battered and bruised by the emotions jutting out at me. My mind reeled, confused. “I don’t know.”

“I think you do. I’m not angry, Charlotte.”

Not angry. Two words that were like a balm to soothe my nerves. I met her eyes. They were hard, cold, not giving away a thing. I was sure my own thoughts were plastered all over my face. “I thought it was what you wanted to hear,” I said.

“Give me the blouse.” She stepped forward, her hand outstretched, and I handed it to her. She tossed it aside and clasped her hands on my shoulders, squeezed them hard. “What are we going to do with you?”

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Written for Masturbation Monday Week 105. If you’re not familiar with Masturbation Monday then you’re missing out! Hosted by the fabulous Kayla Lords, it’s a feast of decadent pleasures and sultry delights, all free, every week.


24 thoughts on “One Stormy Night… Part 3

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  2. Great story by Nicci Haydon. I find lesbian love a great turn on for getting aroused. Well written, Ifeel like a fly on the wall watching Charlotte and Iris talking to each other and see the heat rising in the room.

  3. Excellent. The older confident woman and the younger unsure woman. Oh, we all know what’s going to happen and we’re waiting for it. I hope each of them have an orgasm. You know I’ve watched porn videos where the woman doesn’t have an orgasm. What’s the point? Just a bunch of men showing off. Not impressive. Make her cum! Anyway (I was ranting) and by the way as soon as PayPal says my deposit has cleared I’ll publish The First Love and send you your money. Hail to Pitt!

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