One Stormy Night… Part 4

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Iris brushed the back of her palm over my cheek and I closed my eyes. Her skin was so rough against mine, so weather worn.

“Charlotte, what were you doing out there in the storm?”

I shook my head. “My boyfriend, he…” I felt my skirt go loose as she pulled the zip at the side, shivered as she slid the freezing wet material over my buttocks, my thighs.

“He what?”

The skirt dropped to the floor with a heavy thump and a flash of lightning lit the room. I looked at her face, but she was watching her hands as they slipped inside the waistband of my panties.

“What did he do? You can tell me.”

Thunder crashed and rolled. “He…” Her fingertips brushed through my pubic hair and I took a ragged breath. “…I mean I walked in on him and Erica…they were…” She peeled my panties down, rolling the waistband until they were taut around my thighs. “Oh my god.”

“He doesn’t know when he has a good thing,” she said, and her eyes flicked up to meet mine. She searched my face. “Leonard and I have always had an arrangement. He can spend time with other men, and I…” A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth.

Lightning flashed. My stomach clenched, sensing that the storm was getting nearer, almost upon us. Her hand remained where it was, pressed against my mound. I nodded. Yes, do it.

She leaned in and kissed me, her lips moving against mine. At the same time, her hand moved down and her fingertips pressed the hood against my clitoris, sending a pulse through my vagina. Thunder shook my spine, my shoulders, my neck. I was lost in the moment.

“And I,” she said, pulling away and licking her lips. “I get to enjoy my time with other ladies.”

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Written for Masturbation Monday Week 106. If you’re not familiar with Masturbation Monday then you’re missing out! Hosted by the fabulous Kayla Lords, it’s a feast of decadent pleasures and sultry delights, all free, every week.


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17 thoughts on “One Stormy Night… Part 4

  1. Pingback: One Stormy Night… Part 3 | Nicci Haydon

      • It can be odd… It’s OK. I love your writing, the way you bring people to life. You seem to like the seductress scenario in different ways. I’m going to have to buy your book you know 😜

      • I love the seductress scenario, because I love playing both the role of seductress and the role of seduced, lol. I think there’s something very sultry, very sexy about someone having their head turned.

      • I switch sexualities, but generally I am into both and yet neither – I get turned on by any coupling, but only want my own company, if you know what I mean.

        Anything I write has an element of my own fantasies in it. Often they have a peppering of truth, but nothing that you would say was “based on a true story” or anything like that.

        And thank you!

      • I like your whole style of switching sexualities. You seem so comfortable with yourself and your writing reflects that. I’m looking forward to more of your writing. Its… stimulating 😉

  2. Pingback: One Stormy Night… Part 5 | Nicci Haydon

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