One Stormy Night… Part 8

I wriggled at the command, feeling the liquid seep from between my legs. I reached out and ran a finger over the chain at her neck, heard her sigh, then returned my mouth to her nipple. I suckled at her, nibbled and licked. I didn’t want to separate my body from hers, and to get on my knees I would have to. Sex with Damon had always been a fearsome, engulfing thing, quick and physical. This was different…

(All parts)

The rest of this part has now been removed from the free site, because “One Stormy Night” is now available as an eBook, together with an exclusive bonus story that puts Iris in a brand new lesbian encounter!


Written for Masturbation Monday Week 110. If you’re not familiar with Masturbation Monday then you’re missing out! Hosted by the fabulous Kayla Lords, it’s a feast of decadent pleasures and sultry delights, all free, every week.


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