One Stormy Night… Part 10

Her gasping breaths grew in intensity as I lapped at her, taking her juice into my mouth, letting it roll over my tongue, down my throat.

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Eventually she cried out, stepped back, her legs wobbling. I watched her face, watched her bite her lip as she tried to maintain some control. “That…” She shook her head, cried out and grinned. “That was outstanding. Good girl, Charlotte, good girl.” She held out a hand, fingers splayed. “Just give me a moment.”

I grinned and licked my lips. “I did good.”

“Oh yes.” She laughed as she nodded, her face sticky with sweat. “But if you think that’s it then you’re wrong. Get on all fours.” Still panting, she walked around behind me. “Now, Charlotte. Tail in the air.”

She clapped, and I did as I was told, leaning forward on my elbows and knees. My breasts brushed the thick rug and I felt the heat from the fire warming the soles of my feet, my thighs, my pussy and ass.

Fuck,” Leonard cried out and I listened to the squelchy sound as he masturbated himself to orgasm. “Fucking hell, you two are… wow. Fuck.” He groaned as he came, and Iris laughed.

“Men.” She tutted. “Go clean yourself up, darling. There’s a good boy.”

I giggled as I heard him stand, heard them kiss. Then he was gone, and it was just the two of us once more.

“Are you ready, Charlotte?”

I nodded. “Mmm.” I wasn’t really sure what I was ready for, but my whole body was crying out to be pleasured.

When I felt her fingertips caressing my pussy I bleated. I was so damp, so moist, they slid easily against my skin. Iris gave her deep, throaty chuckle and her fingers pressed inside my slit, rubbing against my clit, sending lightning bolts through my spine.

I mewled and moaned as she worked her fingers inside me, and she laughed as I bucked forward and back against her hand.

“Good girl,” she cooed as I cried out and soaked her. “Good girl, keep going. Hold out as long as you can.”

I felt her tongue lap at the juices that spilled out of me, felt my orgasm building. When I finally released, I screamed her name at such a pitch it could have shattered glass. She laughed, still working her fingers inside me through my climax until finally, eventually, my breathing settled into a rhythm and I leaned forward, away from her, and she withdrew.

“How was that?” She whispered, rolling me onto my side and caressing my waist.

I nodded, smiled, my eyes still closed.

She kissed my shoulder. “Are you still upset about that whole business with Erica?”

The thought hadn’t even occurred to me. Erica and Damon. It seemed ridiculous now that it had even bothered me as much as it did. I shook my head, turned toward her and met her lips with mine, licked inside her mouth. “No,” I whispered, pulling myself in closer to her. “I don’t care about that any more.”

“Good girl.”

Outside, the storm had passed by, leaving just the rain pattering against the window. The fire crackled and I held onto Iris.

“Tomorrow, I’ll take you home and Leonard will tow your car for you,” she said.

I nodded, smiled. “Yes,” I said. “Tomorrow.”

This is the final part of “One Stormy Night”! I hope you’ve enjoyed the whole serialization. If you’re craving more, there’s an exclusive bonus story involving Iris to be found at the end of the complete eBook, which is $0.99 (or minimum price in non-US territories) on Amazon for this week (usual price $2.99 after Wednesday 26 Oct 2016).


Written for Masturbation Monday Week 112. If you’re not familiar with Masturbation Monday then you’re missing out! Hosted by the fabulous Kayla Lords, it’s a feast of decadent pleasures and sultry delights, all free, every week.


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