Beta Readers Wanted – M/M Erotica Romance

My last book, “One Stormy Night”, turned out very well, not least of all because I had a lot of input from all of you wonderful people as you read each part that was posted. Serializing in that way helped. But now I’m working on something new, so I’m on the lookout for anyone that would like to volunteer as a beta reader.

The next book, by the way, is a male/male erotic romance. With ghosts. And a gang war. It’s probably easiest if I give you the advertising blurb as it currently stands:

Gang enforcer Jake Rosewall is dead, killed in a gang related incident that kicked off a wave of violence. Frustrated by the limitations of being a ghost, and stuck in the house where he died, Jake needs to figure out how to appear to the living before the violence becomes political and drags the city into chaos.

Luca Snow was a jazz pianist and socialite until his death in 1927. After 90 years with no hope of finding love, he sees Jake and instantly falls head over heels. But despite returning his signals, Jake seems unwilling to admit that Luca might be the one for him.

Jake’s only hope of learning to control his powers is to enlist Luca’s help. But with passions ignited that he doesn’t want to accept, how can he submit to time alone in Luca’s company?

This is Episode 1 of “Love After Death” Season 1, and kicks off this tale of Male/Male passion and romance in a modern, urban setting. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults.

Yep, that’s right, “Episode 1” of “Season 1”. This is going to be a much larger story than the ones I usually write.

So what does a beta reader do? It’s quite simple, you read the book in its final draft form, not an early, unedited version – I’m not looking for free editors – and you suggest any changes that you think would improve it. Think it would be better if it ended with a sex scene? Really don’t like one of the names of the characters? That’s the sort of thing I need you to point out.

I can’t promise all the changes you suggest will be made, but if a lot of beta readers say the same thing then it’s probably a worthwhile change.

You can also make suggestions about the future direction of the book, things you’re hoping to see, or whatever.

What do you get in exchange? Well, you get to read the book before anyone else, for free, and you get to have a hand in making it the kind of story that people will love. You’ll also get a free review copy of the finished product. Do you have to write a review? No, of course not, but I’d be really grateful if you would.

If you’d like to volunteer as a beta reader, please fill in this form and I’ll get back to you. It might be a few weeks before this first part is ready for your input.

Thank you!

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