Excerpt: Rekindled



Trish squeaked as her back slammed against the brick wall. Monica could feel the moisture between her legs, sticking to her thighs, squelching as she pressed forward, eager, breathing hard against Trish’s mouth. The blond ringlets suited her, she decided. They looked girlish, which contrasted with what Monica knew about her past.

“What happened with all the environmental stuff?”

Trish giggled. “I still give money to the cause, I make time when I can.” She reached a hand inside Monica’s shirt and a button popped off, pinging against something dull in the alley. “You should come along sometime.”

Monica gasped as Trish’s fingers brushed her nipple, then pinched it hard. “Ow!” She reached around and unclipped Trish’s skirt, pulled on the zipper. “Maybe I should.”

“I promise it would be fun.”

Trish fumbled with the remaining buttons on Monica’s shirt while Monica tugged on the skirt, her head resting against Trish’s neck. She tried to memorise the scent of Trish’s perfume, something to carry with her until they met again.

(Continued in Girl Next Door)



Lesbian Liaisons, which previously contained the complete story of “Rekindled”, is now included as a part of my book, Girl Next Door. You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it now in the Kindle store.

For more free erotica from a whole host of talented authors, check out Masturbation Monday Week 115, hosted by the amazing Kayla Lords.


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