Excerpt: Lesbian Liaisons

Youth dripped from Katrin, the way that condensation drips from a cool glass on a hot day, making you desperate to quench your thirst. Her breasts were firm, her skin unblemished. Her hair was black satin, straight and short. She twirled a finger around the tie that held her briefs in place, then pulled it away and let it fall free. As she did the same with the other, and I knew that if she only stood they would fall away, I felt my panties start to stick against my skin.

She reached a hand beneath the fabric, and I let out an involuntary sigh.

Taking the hem of my dress in my hands, I lifted, pulled it up, over my head, dropped it to the floor. I saw her smile widen when it was gone. My bra still covered my breasts. I unclipped it, took it off, let her look at me while she masturbated.

When she threw her briefs aside it was too much. I watched her fingers stroking along her lips, dipping between, exposing sensitive flesh, and I reached a hand down inside my own panties. I was soaked already, my fingertips slid easily along my pussy, made me gasp as they flicked against my clitoris.

Lesbian Liaisons is a collection of short tales of lesbian lust, temptation and sex. It’s available right now from Amazon, Smashwords, and most other eBook retailers. Find out how to get a FREE copy here.


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