Free Erotica: Fiery Heat Part 3

drew-graham-338631Daisy raised her arms over her head and I automatically lifted her sweater. The soft fabric slid over her skin, revealing her belly, her ribs, her small breasts hidden beneath a bra with the same pink and grey stripes that I’d seen earlier between her legs. The pattern seemed to draw my eye, to make me want to wrap Daisy in my arms and never let go.

“What?” She said, a smile playing on her lips.


She leaned forward, pulled her auburn hair back from her face and layered gentle kisses on my cheek, then took my hand and placed it against her breast. As I watched, she reached down, slipped her hand inside the waistband of her skirt and closed her eyes, releasing the tiniest moan of pleasure.

I circled her nipple through the stripy bra with my thumb and she bit her bottom lip. “Bonnie,” she said, her voice ragged. I reached around behind her and unclasped the bra, and she shrugged her shoulders to let it fall loose. Erect nipples strained from pink areolae, and hesitantly I guided her down until I could swirl my tongue around one, taste the heat of her flesh.

I had no idea what I was doing, except that I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to taste every inch of flesh, every drop of bodily fluid. I wanted to feel her skin against my own, feel her fingers inside me and mine inside her.

A high pitched squeal escaped from Daisy’s mouth and my stomach muscles clenched. “Sorry,” I said, pulling back.

She giggled. “No, don’t stop.” Leaning forward further still, she placed her free hand on my shoulder for support, and let her nipple dangle near my mouth, tantalising, teasing.

As she moved back and forth against her own fingers, I lightly touched my tongue back to her nipple, then hesitantly took it into my mouth and gently nipped at the bud, listening to her breathing change pitch, her wordless sighs become louder. A gentle moan escaped my own lips, which only seemed to spur her on and she started to rock faster. Her nipple pulled away from my lips as she arched back.

“Can I eat you out?” She asked. “I want to lick you ’til you scream.”

My mouth was suddenly dry as a bag of dust. I couldn’t find the words. She was so forward, so sure of herself. I was supposed to be the older one, the wiser one. I’d never, ever…

“Please?” Her voice rose at the end as she strained back, body tight as her fingers moved beneath her skirt.

“Mmm,” I managed, and leaned back.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 181. Head there for more sexy stories, poetry and pictures. This story is being mirrored on my Radish Fiction account, where you’ll also find other sexy stories!


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