Free Erotica: Fiery Heat Part 4

camila-cordeiro-242255-unsplashDaisy laughed. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes!” I said, my heart nearly breaking, then added, “Please,” as if I’d just remembered my manners.

Her hand still traced back and forth under her skirt, her wrist indenting the flesh at the base of her belly, and she grinned as she lifted her hair with her free hand and let it fall about her face in a cascade of soft ginger curls. It stuck to her damp lips, caught in dark eyelashes that flickered and fluttered half-closed.

“You are so polite,” she teased. “Maybe I can change that.”

With both hands, she took hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted, flashing me those striped panties now dark with her release. She swayed back and forth, letting them fold over and around her pussy, defining every contour.

“Are you wet like me?” She asked brazenly. “Am I going to taste how excited you are?”

I knew that my own panties were ruined. I could feel them sticking and rubbing whenever she moved on top of me. I nodded.

Daisy laughed. “If you want me to tongue fuck you, you need to say it. Say ‘tongue fuck me, Daisy’.”

I felt the heat rise over my cheeks. “Tongue…” I giggled, self conscious. I didn’t use the word ‘fuck’. Well, maybe inside my head if I stubbed my toe or left my phone at work and had to go back for it, but not…

“Fuck.” She said, showing her teeth. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Say it with me, Bonnie, it’s liberating. It’s what we’re doing. We’re fucking and it’s natural and it’s beautiful, and if you want me to eat your pussy then you have to ask. So say it.”

“Fuck,” I said, a smile tugging at my lips.

She wiggled her hips, firm breasts rocking gently. “That’s it! Now, ‘tongue fuck me, Daisy’. Say it.”

“Tongue fuck…” I drew in a breath. “Please fucking eat me out, Daisy, I’m so wet I’m worried about the upholstery.”

We giggled together and she leaned forward, placed her lips close to mine and stared into my eyes. “No need to get aggressive.”

Before I could kiss her, she pulled back, moving down my body as she crouched lower. I flinched as I felt her lips brush my stomach where my top had pulled away from my skirt and watched as her ass raised in the air so that she could fit in between my legs, the stripy panties stretched over her tight buttocks.

She chuckled as she wriggled into position, and finally I felt the hem of my skirt being lifted, her head disappearing underneath the black fabric. I tensed, clawing at the back of the sofa as I tried to prepare myself for the inevitable comment about my soaked underwear. And then…

“Ohhh, fuuuck…” I moaned as something warm and soft put pressure against my aching clit.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 182. Head over there for more sexiness from a whole bunch of talented and beautiful bloggers.


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