Free Erotica: Fiery Heat Part 5

jasper-graetsch-546255-unsplashI couldn’t breathe. My stomach was clenched so tight that I thought I might throw up. My hips were raised, lifting my ass away from the sofa and thrusting my soaked pussy right into Daisy’s face.

She didn’t seem to care.

In fact, it seemed like she was reveling in it. Her tongue delved lightly through the slit of my lips, separating, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings. In its wake I felt her hot breath searing my flesh. But it was every time the tip of her tongue hit my button that I gritted my teeth. I was so swollen, so ready for her, that it felt like a red-hot poker prodding my mound, making me cry out in utter, blinding bliss.

When I finally let out a long, ragged breath, my head went light as if all the blood had left it and rushed to my pulsating sex.

I tried to say her name, tried to get her to slow, but all that came out was, “Nnnhh.”

She giggled, pressed her mouth hard against me, and I felt her tongue push inside. Not that it could get very far. I was so tense, so clasped. But the pressure was intense and the feeling of her delving inside was like stars exploding in my brain. The knowledge that all she wanted was to make me cum, to make me cover her with my juices, was too much.

“I can’t,” I managed, my voice hitching with each exhaled breath. Sweat dripped from my brow, stinging my eyes every time I turned my head. “I-”

There were no words. I groaned as another wave hit me and I was forced to tense or lose it. My chest ached, my hips had no strength left. I pressed my feet against the arm of the sofa and arched my back but to no avail, Daisy was clamped to me like a limpet. Even when my thighs squeezed shut on her head, all I heard was laughter coming from between my legs, and all it brought was more licking, more caressing from her hands, more pinching from her fingers as she brought me close, closer, so close to orgasm.

“Oh, fuck!” I said, raising my shoulders, twisting my torso. Her hands gripped my buttocks, digging in through the rumpled fabric of my panties. “Fuck!” I cried as my body bucked and I felt my pussy squeeze tight, liquid leaking from its folds onto Daisy’s waiting tongue. Still she lapped at me. Still she held me fast.

White hot flames shot down my spine as a second orgasm rocked my body, sending my hips higher, my vision darkening at the edges. I screamed. I screamed so loud it would have woken the dead, exploded their heads and splattered the wall with their brains. I shrieked and gasped and panted. I think I shouted her name, but all I heard was undefined white noise.

And then, as I quietened, her giggles, wet with my juice as she sat back, her work done.

As my vision focused I saw her licking her damp lips, wiping the back of her hand over her mouth as she smiled and her boobs rocked up and down with every chuckle. Her eyes were on me, and something in the way she looked at me…

I felt the smile spread over my own lips, even as I gripped the hem of my skirt and pulled it down over my pelvis, smoothing it over my thighs.

Daisy leaned forward, then gently lowered herself until she was lying on top of me, my chin resting on the top of her head, our legs intertwining. My breathing was still heavy, still gasping for oxygen, but I felt comfortable, easy, relaxed.

“Bonnie,” she said, and I moaned, unable to form words, unsure if I’d ever speak again. “Next time, can I sit on your face?”

I took a long sigh, and draped one arm over her shoulders.

The End

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 183. Head over there for more sexiness from a bunch of talented bloggers!


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