Free Erotica: Her Best Friend’s Lips Part 2

This is part 2 of an ongoing story. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest you start with Her Best Friend’s Lips Part 1!

Her Best Friends Lips Part 2 Promo

Talia’s lips were hesitant. They pressed gently against Justine’s, not forcefully, not eagerly the way that Trent’s had the first time she’d let him kiss her. Well, the first time she’d let him really kiss her. Then, it had felt like he wanted to consume her, like he didn’t want to let her go, like he worried that if he didn’t take his chance right there and then he may never get another. He had pushed her against the wall outside her building and she’d felt his erection growing, even as she swore to herself that she wouldn’t let it go that far.

This, however…this was tantalizingly slow. Talia’s hand didn’t move. It stayed poised against the flesh beneath Justine’s waistband, close enough to her slit to make her ache with need.

They had been best friends since high school. They’d laughed and loved together, gone to separate colleges but stayed in touch, returned to their hometown, fallen back into an easy, close friendship. She knew, just as Talia must, that whatever happened here they would still love each other tomorrow.

There was no rush.

Justine’s breath was heavy, her heart thundered. The soft dampness of Talia’s lips, like petals against her own, made her quiver. She opened her mouth instinctively, and felt Talia grow bolder, taking a sharp breath through her nose as she leaned forward, their bodies sliding against one another, their teeth clicking as Justine felt just the tip of a nervous tongue delving inside her mouth.

For an instant, all else was forgotten. The implicit promise not to betray Trent, society’s unspoken rule that friendships should remain at least a degree cooler than this, the vague memory that she didn’t – had never – wanted anything intimate from another girl.

Justine moaned, a low, needy sound, and her hands went to the sides of Talia’s face, cupping her chin with her palms as she gently but firmly leaned forward from where she was trapped in the corner. The other girl followed suit, moving back, her hand gently but insistently pressing down further between them. It slipped under the waistband of the skirt, stroking the smooth skin, fingertips sliding inside her panties until they found the little strip of hair…

Justine yelped and pulled back.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sorry.” Justine felt her face flush. She looked down at her rumpled skirt, the hem nearly pushed to the tops of her thighs, nearly exposing her. She felt the dampness against her crotch as she shifted uncomfortably.

“Hey.” Talia lowered her legs over the side of the sofa and put her arm around her best friend. “Let’s slow it down a notch, shall we?”

Justine looked up, meeting Talia’s eyes. “Is that OK?”

Talia laughed, a smile breaking out over her face. “Of course it’s OK, silly! I apologise…” she held her hands up in a gesture of submission “…I got a bit handsy and you weren’t ready. I should have read that. Let’s just make out.” A look of hesitation passed over her face. Uncertainty. “If you want to? We don’t have to…”

Justine studied her friend’s face. It was the kind of face that poems were written about. Short, oval, her cheekbones high and proud. Long dark lashes framed exotic, exquisitely large almond-shaped eyes. Her skin glistened now with sweat, but always had a healthy glow. Was that all this was? Was it just admiration for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing face? Did she only crave closeness out of curiosity?

Almost without thinking, she glanced down, followed the long line of Talia’s neck, the small indent in the centre of her clavicle, bare skin, cleavage, and those round, perfect breasts hidden beneath the fabric of her tank top. The nipples now stood proud, so that even against the black top they were clearly visible, clearly excited.

Talia wanted more, that much was obvious.

“Do you…” Talia’s voice broke the silence. Justine watched as the blush spread up from her best friend’s chest, along her neck, covering her face. In a way, it only made her more beautiful to see her unsure, perhaps a little ashamed of her own thoughts. It made her sexier, more compelling. She fell silent, shaking her head, laughing a little at her own embarrassment.

“Do I what?”

Talia took a deep breath, then nodded. “Do you…oh, God, you know what I’m going to say!” She laughed, averting her eyes. “Please just ask.”

She was right. Justine knew, and she did want to ask. But so far all the chasing had come from Talia. In a way, she was able to tell herself that she was an innocent party, that she wasn’t really cheating on Trent. She was just going along with it. Not fighting Talia off, but not really encouraging her either.

But all that was about to change.

Justine steeled herself, watching Talia’s face for any sign of shock as she muttered, “Can I see them?”

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    • Thanks Kayla! I’ve been experimenting a bit more with my own writing lately, adding in things that I like to read but haven’t felt comfortable portraying in the past. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but it’s the only way to learn…


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