Free Erotica: Her Best Friend’s Lips Part 3

This is part 3 of an ongoing story. If you haven’t already read Her Best Friend’s Lips Part 1 or Part 2 then I suggest you start there!

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In truth, of course, it wasn’t the first time Justine had seen Talia’s bare breasts. It probably wasn’t the hundredth. They’d changed together, dressed together, showered in neighbouring cubicles on shared holidays and even slept in the same bed on more than one occasion.

It was all utterly different to this.

As Talia nodded, her chest rising and falling softly with each snatched breath, Justine tried to find words that would break the spell. There weren’t any. What could she say now that wouldn’t seem forced?

“Do you want me to…?” Talia awkwardly took hold of the bottom of her tank top and shrugged one shoulder. “Or did you want to do it yourself?”

Justine felt the heat rising to her face. Why was she even bothered? It seemed so silly. “I don’t know. Maybe we should-”

“No, I want to.” Talia shook her head, strands of black hair shifting around her throat.

Justine averted her eyes as she started to laugh. “We’re not very good at this, are we?” She said, glancing up from beneath her lashes.

Talia looked surprised before the smile spread over her lips. “Well…maybe we need more practice…” She lifted the top just a little, exposing a sliver of belly, just a hint of baby-blue panties. “I want you,” she said. “And you want me. Right?”

Nodding, Justine leaned forward and softly tangled her own fingers into her friend’s. “Right.”

Gently, she guided Talia’s hands up, lifting the fabric over the tops of her hips, her narrow waist, the bottom of her rib cage. As their hands continued up together, Justine leaned forward and took Talia’s lips again, more forcefully this time, less nervously. She felt her friend relax into the kiss as her top popped over her tits. For a moment, they broke apart to slide it over her head, then finally over her raised arms before dropping it on the floor to join Justine’s top in a crumpled heap.

As they returned to the kiss, Justine felt Talia’s hands against her hips and flinched instinctively, but didn’t pull away. Not this time. As Talia’s fingers explored her flesh, moving up to cup her small breasts through the thin fabric of her bra, she gently moved her own hands to Talia’s back and worked to unfasten her clasp.

When the bra went loose, Talia let out the tiniest squeal, then started to laugh as she pushed Justine back. “I feel like I should be dancing or something,” she said as she reached up and pulled one strap from her shoulder. “Where’s my pole?”

Justine watched as her friend’s larger cups came away from her breasts, the nipples drawn tight and hard in the centres of puckered areolae. Talia shrugged her shoulders, bringing her arms in close in a gesture of self-consciousness, but it only served to push her boobs together and emphasise their fullness.

“You’re so beautiful,” Justine said, reaching out a hand to cup Talia’s cheek. It was an instinctive gesture, but Talia softened at the touch, relaxing her shoulders and leaning into Justine’s fingers.

“I’m glad you think so.”

Talia leaned forward and pressed her lips back against Justine’s, their bodies making firm contact as she melted into the kiss.

Justine almost didn’t notice the sound of voices outside the door. It wasn’t until there was a cough and a loud laugh that she froze, stiffening and pulling back.

“It’s OK, it will just be our neighbours upstairs.” Talia smiled and ran a ticklish finger down Justine’s arm, raising goosebumps in its wake. She leaned forward, lips parting.

Then there was the sound of a key in the lock.


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Her Best Friend’s Lips is being serialized for Masturbation Monday. Head over to Kayla Lords’ site for more fiction, blog posts and images to get your juices flowing!


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