Free Lesbian Erotica: The Queen’s Chambers Part 4

Queens Chambers 4.jpgThis is the fourth part of this time-bending sequel to my short lesbian story, “Egyptology“. You can also read The Queen’s Chambers Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

Reading time: Approx. 5-10 mins

Pharaoh Ahset knew exactly what she was doing. The display wasn’t only for her own enjoyment, it was to push me to the edge. She slowly ran a fingertip through the slit of her cunt, spreading glistening liquid along her inner lips that caught in the light from the torches and made my mouth dry at the thought of licking it away. Her hips rocked gently against the soft bedclothes and she huffed a heavy sigh, accompanied by a low groan of pleasure.

When she reached the top edge and caught her nub, she gasped and arched her back. “Oh, that feels good. I bet you’d like to get your own hands in there, wouldn’t you, Monica?”


“Don’t speak.” The order was sharp and curt, but I also sensed the amusement in her voice. It was a game and she was enjoying herself with it. She pressed her palm against her mound, then started her finger travelling the other way, down towards her ass, her moisture making the skin slippery and sensitive. “Oh, so good.”

One of the guards behind me coughed uncomfortably, and Ahset’s eyes shot up. A smile spread across her face, stretching up into her cheeks, and her tongue glided over her top lip. She continued to look past my shoulder as her finger moved gently up and down her slit. She rocked against the bed, making it creak as she let out little gasps and mewls.

Clearly, performing for someone else’s pleasure was a turn on. I wondered how much of this was Ahset and how much was my own Roxhana.

The door behind me opened and I heard footsteps come close to where I knelt, then Ahset reached out her free hand, the other continuing to move gently at her slit. “Thank you, Sebek-khu.”

She laid the flogger over her lap, a wooden handled instrument with a dozen short leather tails that she played with absently. The smell of her arousal grew stronger, sweet and musky in the darkness of her chamber. Her eyes roved over my body and I felt my nipples grow tighter, pressing my thighs together as dampness spread between them. A little shiver ran up my spine as a fresh gush leaked from my pussy, and that was all the excuse she needed.

Ahset tutted.

“Sorry, Roxhana,” I muttered, unsure if I wanted the punishment or wanted to prolong the agony. “Sorry, my queen.”

She huffed and shook her head. “Two.”

My mouth hung open. I felt my breath quicken. What was she counting?

“First you shiver and,” she sighed as she pointed between my legs, “and you leak. Second, you speak without permission.” She fixed her gaze on mine. “You may apologise for that.”

“I…I’m sorry.”

“I should think so. But you were warned.” She took her fingers out from between her legs and put them to her lips, inhaling deeply and moaning at the smell of herself on them. “I think we’ll make it three, since I’ve had to stop my own pleasure to deal your punishment.”

I opened my mouth to speak but the look of thunder that crossed her face made me fall silent.

“Are you trying to incur my wrath, slave?”

Ahset waited, clearly expecting a response. Every instinct in my body told me to speak, to say ‘no’, but instead I simply shook my head, hoping it was the right response.

“Very well. Three it is.” She lifted the flogger as she licked the liquid from her finger and rose to her feet. “Lean forward.”

I hesitated. If I leaned forward right now it would like displaying myself to the waiting guards. Were they watching? Self-conscious, I turned my head to glance behind. All eyes were fixed on the wall opposite.

Ahset sighed. “Four.” She slowly circled me, moving around behind. “Lean forward, slave, or I’ll make it five. Do it!”

I considered using my safe word. If I said ‘Professor’ then we had a deal she would immediately stop. The thing was, I wanted the punishment. Every fibre of my being wanted to feel the sting of her flogger against my bare flesh as I squirmed and rubbed my pussy between my legs. Did I also want the danger of being watched by the guards, even if I’d seen them looking straight ahead?

Taking a deep breath, I placed my palms flat on the floor in front of me and lifted my bottom from where it rested against my heels. Leaning forward I felt my buttocks spread, my quim displayed for whoever wanted to look. My nub was hot and swollen, driven to distraction as I was by desire for Ahset; my Roxhana. Liquid dribbled from my needy slit.

“Good. Very pretty, very submissive.” Queen Ahset paced behind me, the sound of the tails hitting her hand making me struggle to contain myself. “Now, I’m going to punish you for your transgressions. It’s the only way you’ll learn, and for my efforts in teaching you, you should be grateful. After each strike, you will thank me. Am I clear?”

I nodded. “Mmhmm.” My eyes closed tight. I could feel the heat between my legs. I wanted to touch myself.

“I’ll let that mumble pass and keep to four, because I am nothing if not merciful.”

The first strike came quick and sharp, what felt like a thousand needles flicking against my proffered ass, biting into the soft flesh already warmed up by her hand. I gritted my teeth and let out only the tiniest moan…

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