Mentor Meeting

Mentor Meeting CoverI crouched lower and leaned in beside her. The scent of her perfume hit me, always so subtle and understated. She crossed one leg over the other, stockinged thighs shushing lightly.

Georgina Hammond is the object of Sienna’s desires, the woman who appears in her mind every time she touches herself. It’s been that way for months and it’s driving her wild. She wants Georgina to strip her, bend her over the desk and make her mewl.

But not only is Georgina older, wiser and more experienced. She’s also Sienna’s mentor at the company where she works.

Today’s mentor meeting is booked, but will Sienna be able to hold herself back?

This is a short erotic story of two lesbian colleagues, and contains graphic descriptions of consensual sex acts between adults from the very beginning.

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