Free Lesbian Erotica: 14 Sites Guaranteed To Get You In The Mood


If you’re looking for stories about girls who love girls, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you’ll find my master list of lesbian erotica sites, along with my personal tips for finding the best and weeding out the worst.

Personally I adore a lesbian erotica story, or any story featuring queer characters. I’ve written more than a few. It’s not just the lesbian sex either. I like the celebration of LGBT+ identities. I like the freedom to explore what turns me on without judgement. And I like knowing that the characters in the story are realising their true selves. But the erotic element means I get to stick around while they enjoy themselves. And even touch myself while I read if the mood takes me.

Anyway, that’s more than enough of an introduction. I doubt anyone’s reading this bit anyway. You came here for a list of lesbian erotica sites, and that’s what you’re going to get…

1. Frolic Me

The Good:

Frolic Me stories are written by invitation only, and like everything else at this high end women’s porn site, quality is a strong focus. There’s plenty of lesbian erotica available, with more being added on a regular basis, and they all tie into the porn films and sexy images available on the site. Read the story, watch the film, masturbate, have sex with your partner – it’s all designed to increase the heat level of your love life to scorching!

The Bad:

Frolic Me isn’t a free site (they’re heavily focused on being ethical and pay their models accordingly). There are free stories available including girl-on-girl content, and you can sign up for a free story-only account, but if you want to watch the videos and view the images you’ll need to pay a small subscription fee.

Nicci Recommends:

How can I not recommend my own lesbian erotica story on Frolic Me? “F… Is For…?” is a hot little lesbian tale of spies and subterfuge. You’ll need to sign up for a free story account to read it, but once you do you’ll get access to a whole world of erotic fun!

2. Bellesa

The Good:

Bellesa employs a professional editor and only accepts stories that meet her high standards (Jayne Renault is a fantastic member of the erotica writers community in her own right and I think I speak for everyone when I say we love her to bits). It’s all free content (including a whole section of lesbian erotica) and, like Frolic Me, the site includes hot videos and images too!

The Bad:

There’s no way to rate or comment on the stories at Bellesa, which is a shame, but I get it. Removing the feeling of competing with others relieves a bit of the pressure on writers. And, after all, they’ve all been pre-approved and fully edited before they’re published.

Nicci Recommends:

There’s a lot to recommend at Bellesa, across the categories, but for lesbian erotica I’ve fallen in love with Pinball Queen by Calliope Bloom. It might start out cute, but there’s a lot of kink too, and the setting is to die for.

3. Author Blogs and Websites

The Good:

Most erotica authors publish free content on their own blogs and websites, whether that’s flash fiction that won’t find a home elsewhere, unedited works in progress or just stories that they feel like giving away for free. Some are written for memes like Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Friday Flash, others just as a giveaway. Subscribe to your favourite author’s site and you’ll probably be rewarded with a lot of free smut.

The Bad:

It can be difficult to track down exactly what you want. With so many authors coming and going, life getting in the way and unreliable search options on blogs, finding quality lesbian erotica can be a struggle. That’s why I’ve started recommending erotica stories when I read them in my increasingly popular Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over section.

Nicci Recommends:

Again, I’m going to recommend my own freeΒ lesbian erotica here on my blog (there’s plenty of it and who can blame me for the plug?). But I’d also suggest subscribing to Masturbation MondayΒ (run by Kayla Lords), Wicked Wednesday (run by Marie Rebelle) and Friday Flash (run by F. Leonora Solomon with a 500 word limit and a strong encouragement to aim lower!), where you’ll get to know all the wonderful erotica writers in the community and their work. There are far too many top quality writers for me to recommend just one, so check it out and find your own favourites.

4. Twitter

The Good:

Talking of the erotica community, most of us are active, to a greater or lesser extent, on Twitter. Not only do we promote our free stories on there, but we’ll also chat with you about our work, encourage you if you’re a writer yourself and actually post brief snippets or even complete (but oh-so-brief) stories. Sometimes that’s for the #StoryIn12 hashtag game, other times just because.

The Bad

It can be really difficult to find lesbian erotica on Twitter, not least of all because a lot of the hashtags get “hijacked” by those who have nothing to do with lesbian erotica at all and are just trying to get clicks. If you do decide to try it, be cautious about clicking links – if it looks like they have nothing to do with lesbian erotica, they probably don’t.

Nicci Recommends:

The hashtags change, but there are some that have been around long enough to be fairly reliable. Try searching for #lesbian #erotica, #lesfic, #free, #freereads, #lesbianerotica, #lesdom, #lezdom, #EARTG, #LGBT and #amwriting. Try combinations of those, and you could also add in specific kinks of your own, e.g. #spanking, #BDSM or #FirstTime.

5. Amazon

The Good:

Amazon might be best known for selling you stuff, but free eBooks are also available, many of which are promotional, professionally written, edited and published. Take a look at the top 100 free in any category and you’ll find plenty to choose from. The Lesbian Erotica top 100 is worth a look (this is the UK top 100, while the US top 100 is here).

The Bad:

Amazon categories can be frustratingly unreliable and authors have no control over the categories Amazon picks. I’ve got stories in “interracial” erotica just because one of the characters happens to be POC (the “interracial” element is never focused on in the story). A lot of the lesbian erotica actually just contains a minor girl-on-girl element.

Nicci Recommends:

This is tough, because the free books change constantly. My suggestion would be to keep an eye on your favourite author’s blog for announcements of upcoming sales, which often include some freebies.

6. Smashwords

The Good:

Unlike Amazon, which officially only allows free books as a price match or a temporary promotion, Smashwords gives authors the option to give their work away for free permanently. There’s a lot of lesbian erotica and there’s no DRM, so you can put it on all your devices and read it wherever you are.

The Bad:

Anyone can publish on Smashwords and they do. There’s even less quality control than on Amazon KDP and Smashwords are a lot more relaxed when it comes to themes. This means there’s a higher chance of coming across content that you might consider icky, so exercise caution.

Nicci Recommends:

Check out the free Lesbian Erotica category and turn off the adult filter in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down to “Highly Rated Books”, but be aware that the ratings can easily be massaged.

7. Radish

The Good:

Authors on Radish are able to charge for their stories, give them away for free, or go down the middle with “Freemium”, which means they become free over time. There’s a lot of good quality fiction on Radish and it’s worth checking out.

The Bad:

Radish did a purge of adult content last year, in which a lot of lesbian erotica was removed (including my own, which is why you won’t find any of my erotica on there any more). Although they officially don’t have a problem with sex, if it’s the focus of the story then it’s likely against the rules, making it difficult to find erotica, lesbian or otherwise.

Nicci Recommends:

Look for authors you already know and enjoy. You’ll be able to read the first three chapters of anything for free, and if you like it it’s only a few cents to read more – or you can wait a week if it’s on Freemium.

8. Wattpad

The Good:

Wattpad has tons of stories and doesn’t restrict the content that can be published on the platform. That means there’s surely plenty of lesbian erotica to choose from…if you can only find it (see below).

The Bad:

As I reported some time ago, Wattpad has a frustrating and bizarre attitude towards its adult filter. If you’re under 18 then anything it deems as “adult” is hidden and you can’t access it or even find it. If you’re over 18 it’s automatically available. But even then, there’s no erotica category, and therefore no lesbian erotica filter. The best I can find is lesbian fiction.

Nicci Recommends:

I feel like I’m stuck on repeat, but for your own sanity you need to find a way to narrow down your search results on Wattpad. Stick to authors you know, or recommendations from friends/authors to find the quality lesbian erotica that’s surely on there.

9. Reddit

The Good:

Reddit is…expansive. There’s arguably something for everyone, and communities focused around erotica aren’t uncommon. There is definitely lesbian erotica on there, but like Wattpad it can be difficult to find.

The Bad:

Users on Reddit aren’t shy when it comes to attacking opposing views to their own. If you’re looking for lesbian erotica you’re likely to come up against those who think it’s exploitative and/or immoral. Exercise caution if you start asking for recommendations.

Nicci Recommends:

Have a search for “lesbian erotica” or “lesbian fiction” and make sure you tick the box to show NSFW content, but do so at your own risk. Remember that Reddit is a forum, so icky content is guaranteed to exist somewhere. Use the forum to ask for recommendations if you dare.

Update:Β Check out the SexySmut subreddit for links to a whole host of juicy stories!

10. Nifty

11. My Secret Obsession

12. Mels Webs

13. Literotica

14. Juicy Sex Stories

The Good:

I’m lumping these 5 in together because the good and bad points are the same. All of them offer free lesbian erotica as a category, and there are usually subcategories too. Many of these stories are the “confessional” type, which tend to be more popular among men (it’s a format made popular by the men’s top shelf magazines of yesteryear), but can be a turn on as an occasional alternative to narrative fiction no matter what your tastes lean towards.

The Bad:

Quality is hit and miss, mostly miss. These stories are usually written purely for fun, often by people who are just dabbling in writing or just starting out. Which is fine, but spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency and narrative style are often sacrificed in favour of indulging personal turn ons (don’t be surprised by information dumps about how the women look in minute detail, focusing on breast size, long legs and vague “body to die for” descriptions).

Nicci Recommends:

Browse at your leisure and find stories that you like, but be harsh with your selections. If the first few lines put you off, steer clear – there’s plenty more to choose from. I’ve found lesbian erotica stories on Literotica in the past that were good, but forgot to bookmark them. Don’t make my mistake, keep a list of bookmarks so that you can revisit those that pique your interest.

Do you have any recommendations of your own? Found a site that offers lesbian erotica that’s worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Free Lesbian Erotica: 14 Sites Guaranteed To Get You In The Mood

  1. Hi Nicci – lots of sex bloggers I follow who write erotica (lesbian and other genres) also use the #wickedwedsnesday men hosted by Marie Rebelle – it has a prompt but you are free to follow it or not so lesbian erotica can be found here too.
    May I suggest you tell us suitable hashtags to look for/use relating to this genre, then we can spot it easier if writers tweet about their work.
    Great informative article – really useful x

    • Great ideas – thanks, Posy! I haven’t participated in Wicked Wednesday, but I’ll definitely add it to the list and that’s a fantastic idea with hashtags, that’s definitely going on the list too! (Looks like it might go up to 14 or 15 depending on how I organise those lol) xoxoxo

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