The secret to the best sex of your life…

I was a late bloomer.

My first sexual encounter didn’t come until I was in my early twenties. I suppose in a way I had over romanticised what my “first time” should be like. I wanted a hero or a heroine (I had long since come to terms with my fluctuating orientation). Rose petals, fine wine, a windswept moor and soft kisses in the candlelight. Those were the things I wanted. In the end, whatever my first encounter was like, it was going to be a disappointment.

Without going into too many details, what should have been the sweetest moment of my life was nothing more than a quick fumble after I had a little too much to drink. Not my finest hour. Nor was the act itself all that great. I started to wonder what was missing. Shortly after that, I discovered erotica.

Erotica gave me a chance to experiment in a safe and secure environment: my own mind. I could try anal, oral, strap ons, threesomes, toys – any conceivable sexual experience I could wish for was within grasp. What’s more, I could see how other people liked to enjoy those things, how women and men might like me to act in bed and how I might like to be treated.

Several sexual experiences later and I was feeling much more fulfilled. Erotica had literally changed me from a timid wallflower into an experienced woman. I could have as much or as little sex as I liked without feeling like I was missing out or acting out. I had started to masturbate more regularly, and started to find out how I liked to be treated. The sex improved with every single encounter.

My first attempt to write (beyond childhood fantasies and school assignments) was, naturally, an erotic romance. I put my heart and soul into it. Of course, it was dire and had no hope of being published, but it was a start. I kept at it and, I hope, I have arrived at a point where I’m able to give something back.

In this blog you will find stories and poems about love, sex, romance, sex, relationships, sex, affairs and sex. Read it. Enjoy it. Imagine yourself and a partner in the scene. Would you like the situation? Would you change anything? Experiment in your mind. Read a story together with your partner – discuss what you’d like, what you wouldn’t like.

In the end, that’s the secret of great sex. You need to know what you like, what you don’t like and how you like it. There’s no shortcut, but not every experience has to be out there in the real world.

My self-appointed mission (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) is to show you how erotica can help you to discover new sexual experiences in the safety of your own mind. I can’t show you everything – I haven’t tried everything, nor do I fantasise about everything – but I guarantee there’s someone out there who can. For my part, I’ll carry on writing my own thing and handing out free samples, like some street corner smut dealer.

Stick around and let me show you what I’ve got.

If you’re looking for some hard and fast facts about who I am, take a look at my FAQ page.

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21 thoughts on “The secret to the best sex of your life…

  1. Wow, you sound just like the Laurel character, in the Sex And The City episode Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women, where they all went to the Hamptons.

    Anyway, it’s great that you’ve developed your talents, and have found your clit, I mean niche! Because your writing is F***ing Hot, and makes many girls get a wet spot on their panties, if they’re wearing any!

    Keep up the great writing!

  2. I can relate to you being a late bloomer…. I found out about myself far too late. But I love reading hot stories like yours.I’ll be watching you closely πŸ˜‰

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