My Books

Toxic! (Superhero/Villain M/F Erotica)

Toxic Cover

Egyptology (Lesbian Victorian Erotica)

Book 1: The Queen’s Chambers

The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

Erotic Horror

Devil’s Fingers (Malignant Trilogy Book 1)

devil's fingers ebook cover

Gay Male

Old Scores (Gay Male Vampire Erotic Romance)

Old Scores New Cover

Caught in the Shower (Threesome/First Time)

caught in the shower cover

New Boy

the very muscular handsome sexy guy on   grey background, strict

Saffron’s Erotic Encounters (Lesbian)

Book 1: Saffron After Hours

Saffron After Hours 2

Book 2: Saffron’s Punishment

Saffron's Punishment

Book 3: Saffron Gets Wet

Saffron Gets Wet

Omnibus 1: Books 1-3

Saffron Omnibus 1

Book 4: Saffron In Satin

Saffron In Satin

Coming Soon: Book 5: Saffron’s Switch

Saffron's Switch

Saffron Standalones 1: Francine’s Goodbye Kiss

Francine's Goodbye Kiss

Coming Soon: Saffron Standalones 2: ??? (M/M/M)

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Other Lesbian

Mentor Meeting (Older/Younger Lesbian Coworkers)

Mentor Meeting Cover

Girl Next Door (Lesbian Temptation Book 1)

Girl Next Door 2nd Edition v3

Lesbian Liaisons (Now included with Girl Next Door)

Companion stories to Girl Next Door

One Stormy Night (Lesbian Temptation Book 2)


Teaching her Mistress (Lesbian Temptation Book 3)

Teaching her Mistress 1

Her Best Friend’s Lips (Lesbian Temptation Book 4)

Her Best Friends Lips Cover New

Lesbian Temptation – Books 1-3 Omnibus

Lesbian Temptation Complete

Her Lady’s Maid (Victorian)

Her Lady's Maid

Holly’s Ice Breaker (Shy Girl)

Holly's Ice Breaker

Fiery Heat (Lesbian First Time)

Fiery Heat Small

Yes Mistress (Lesbian Domination)

Yes Mistress 5

Lusty Urban Legends

Season 1

Halloween Hitchhiker


Sewer Gators (Episode 2)


Tentacle Sex

Jasmin’s Close Encounter

Jasmin's Close Encountr

Gifts from the Old God

Gifts from the Old God 2


Voices of Lust


Pittsburgh Tales

Pittsburgh Tales 

Strip or Dare (and other tales of wicked girls)

Strip or Dare