Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over

Unfortunately this isn’t anywhere near a complete list as I didn’t always keep a record. But here are some links to other people’s erotica that got me touching myself:


Flipping the Switch” by Mischa Eliot

Sex Magick” by Lascivious Lucy

Underneath Her” by Sorcha Rowan

Ms. Fix-It: Madison and Her First Time” by M. J. Spencer

Friday Night Glory Hole” by A Talk Behind Closed Doors

Mirror Time” by Kat Kinx


Girls Do It Better redux” by Asrai Devin

Girls Only: Pool Party” by Selena Kitt

The Pledge” by K. C. Bloom

Love Starts In The Bathroom” by Sorcha Rowan

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Friday the 13th” by Mischa Eliot

My New Master” by Timothy Bishop

Check out my index of free gay erotica here on my blog!


Twisted Fairy Tale #4 – Hans and Greta” by Posy Churchgate