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Here’s a list of my own free lesbian erotica stories! You can read them all right here on my blog, no downloads and no need to enter any personal details, just click the link and enjoy.

The list is in reverse chronological order:

  • Possessing Monique
    Possessing Monique

    • This demonic possession lesbian short story was written for Halloween 2019. Dubious consent aside, there’s sexy little costumes, friends to lovers and plenty of tension.
  • Becoming Queen
    Egyptology no writing

    • A companion piece to “The Queen’s Chambers”, this lesbian flash fiction takes you into Pharaoh Ahset’s past, to the day she was crowned and the moment she discovered her own desires…
  • Mentor Meeting

    • Sienna and Georgina get closer than they expect in this taboo workplace lesbian erotica.
  • Rhythm

    • A girl lusts over a dancer who then invites her backstage for some lesbian love in this flash fiction.
  • The Queen’s Chambers
    The Queen's Chambers eBook Cover

    • Now available as an eBook!
  • Egyptology
    Egyptology no writing

    • A Victorian setting, a female professor of Egyptology, a PhD student and an exotic locale combine to make this lesbian sex story one that’s full of character and humour as well as copious girl-on-girl action.
  • Her Best Friend’s Lips (This raw, unedited version contains all but the final part – find the complete final version of Her Best Friend’s Lips here)Her Best Friends Lips Cover New
    • A hot lesbian sex story of infidelity and temptation too alluring to resist. Two best friends find themselves alone and horny while their boyfriends are at the football game…
  • Kiss Me

    • An attractive nerdy girl on the train, nervous glances and heavy anticipation in this cute little first time lesbian erotica.
  • Boots

    • Wendy plans a night of kink with her girlfriend Rochelle in this lesbian short. One of my more unusual tales since there’s no actual sex here, but Wendy’s imagination is hot as hell…
  • Fiery Heat
    Fiery Heat Small

    • This nerdy lesbian erotica was originally written as a free story for Masturbation Monday and part 1 can still be read for free. The full book is now available on Amazon. After a D&D session, two young women get very close indeed…
  • After Dark

    • Currently incomplete, part 1 of this lesbian fairy tale sees Hetty chased into the woods by Bella.
  • Take Me

    • One girl is no longer among the living. The other wants desperately to join her. This Gothic lesbian erotica is melancholy, dark and very hot.
  • Sexting

    • This sexy lesbian story is so naughty… Cassy finds explicit messages on her partner Joel’s phone, but after the initial shock wears off her nemesis turns into a very sexy digital encounter.
  • Bound By Law (Part 1)
    Bound By Law

    • Although I sort of abandoned this story after one part (I still intend to finish it sometime…) the one part that is available is kinky as hell. Veronica May is bound to a chair while her boss, Naomi, dominates and humiliates her. The two characters are smoking hot and their interaction is electric.
  • Petticoats

    • A little bit of Victorian lesbian erotica for you here, as Henrietta and Laura fondle and play together outdoors, stripping and touching as all well bred Victorian girls certainly shouldn’t… The relationship between the pair is fun and the setting is one of my favourites.
  • Governess

    • And another Victorian lesbian sex story, this time between an upper class girl and one of the servants employed by her father. The story finishes a little abruptly, so if anyone would like to write an ending I’d love to read and link to it!
  • Cam
    AdobeStock_61704807 small

    • This one is a little bitter-sweet, so be prepared. I’m also not sure it really counts as lesbian erotica, perhaps more of a lesbian romance. Anyway, Cam, whose name provides the title, is a fascinating character, while the unnamed narrator encapsulates a whirlwind romance in just a few words.
  • Girly Night In

    • The shortest of shorts, this story of lesbian sex is just 5 short paragraphs long, but it packs a punch. Enjoy a little girl-on-girl-on-girl fiction!

Looking for more? I’ve made a list of the best places to find free lesbian erotica!