Old Scores (Gay Vampire Erotic Romance)

Old Scores New Cover

When Vic Leith hooks up with the hottest lecturer in his university, he expects nothing but a night of love and passion. Steadman is everything Vic looks for in a man: handsome, thoughtful, adventurous and with a taste for trying new things. He’s lucked out, and he intends to enjoy it.

But Vic is a one hundred and fifty year old vampire, doomed to walk the earth and feast on the blood of innocent victims. And he’s not the only bloodsucker around tonight. Unseen, a shadow stalks the rooftops, following Vic and Steadman home.

In one night of blood, sex and violence, old scores will be settled and new alliances forged.

“Old Scores” is a longer, novella-style erotic romance filled with sex and action, all taking place against a backdrop of revenge and retribution among vampires with a shared history. You can read it for free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited.

Also available in paperback.