Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Self-love affair” by Girl on the Net

When does “no more disappointment” become your life motto?


Erotica Themes: (female) masturbation, solo play, lingerie

Reading Time: < 5 mins

Author: Girl on the Net (on Twitter)

Link: Self-love affair (on GOTN’s blog)

Standing in front of the mirror, she licks her fingers and starts to rub gently at her clit. In the right place. Slightly to the left, with firm pressure and plenty of spit. Watching her busy fingers she reminds herself what pleasure feels like, and wonders again why she spent so long trying to persuade herself she could live without it.

Deciding that her new rule is “no more disappointment”, the unnamed narrator embarks on a new era of self love and masturbatory pleasure.

I love masturbation stories and this one is super hot. The descriptions draw you into the fictional world, where the narrator is focused entirely on her own pleasure, on what she likes done and how she likes it done, and on enjoying the moment as she watches herself get off; in short, loving herself. And that’s where this story really delivers, because along with the (squirm-inducing) sexiness there’s also a really interesting character at a really interesting point in her life, who has decided “no more disappointment” means exactly that.

(as is so often the case, a big shout out to Smutfinder General Posy Churchgate for whispering in my ear that I might like to check this one out…if you don’t already follow her on Twitter then frankly you’re wasting your life)

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