Saffron In Satin

Saffron In Satin

You remember your safe word? Good. You’ll need it.

As Saffron steps inside Serena’s private club, she quickly realizes that this is an entirely different world. In Satin, it seems, absolutely anything goes – the only limits being those imposed by the giver and the receiver. And with Serena as her chaperone, it isn’t long before Saffron herself is on the receiving end, being introduced to a whole new world of divine pain and excruciating pleasure.

But Serena is no longer content to let Saffron simply enjoy her punishment – there are new rules to follow and a certain level of self control is expected. Saffron is desperate to hold out long enough to receive her reward, but just how much discipline does Serena expect?

This is a short erotic tale of lesbian desire, passion and sexual punishment. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults.

Saffron In Satin is available to buy exclusively from Amazon – or read it free on Kindle Unlimited.

If you missed the first three “Saffron’s Erotic Encounters” stories, they’re now available as a heavily discounted omnibus edition, in both print and digital.