Sex and the Machine

Yesterday I read this post about women’s fantasies and how we don’t always have any desire to act on them – we just find them appealing to think about. One of the things I regularly fantasise over, but wouldn’t want to take part in, is cybersex. It reminded me of the following story that I wrote some time ago, originally as a diary entry. Have you tried it? Would you ever? Leave a comment!

I’m going to begin where I really want to; with a crazy agreement to chat over webcam, and how as the image appeared on my screen I realised all he was wearing was a smile.

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17 thoughts on “Sex and the Machine

    • Thank you!

      I like the idea of cybersex, particularly with a stranger, it’s a regular fantasy. I wouldn’t want to actually do it though – it just doesn’t appeal to me.

      • My wife and I have done it twice. First time was really fun. The second time was only so-so. I like the idea a lot, but it is hard to pull off naturally and well.

  1. How does your wife feel about those times? Did she enjoy it, or was it more for your benefit? Also, did you cam or was it just text messaging?

    I’m intrigued about the mechanics of it when it’s just text messaging – the idea of typing and masturbating sounds a bit like being a contortionist!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting!

      How did you find people to play with? Are there any tips for staying safe? I think there’s quite a danger of the footage getting into the wrong hands – but maybe that’s part of the appeal for some people (the danger).

      For me, the idea is a turn on but I can’t imagine actually doing it in real life. A bit like watching “Aliens” – the fantasy is exciting, but I wouldn’t want to go there.

      • Showing my age a bit here, but getting recorded on the other end was not as much of a concern when I used to do it, but you still had to be cautious. If it was just a random person I usually kept the camera pointed below my face. Seeing my face was usually reserved for people I got to know a bit first, but once we got to that point the fun really kicked in.

        I used to find people on yahoo chat for random fun. Sometimes from a website or two. IRQ was always good for finding random people. Nowadays I suppose tou’d have to go to an adult chat website or the like, but my manors are too good to get me noticed in such places.

    • How did it feel videotaping yourself?

      I love masturbating with someone else – in some ways it’s more intimate than sex because it’s something that’s usually so private. But over the web, I don’t know, maybe it seems a little detached to me? Clinical?

      Did you get a videotape in return? Had he/she taken a lot of trouble with it or was it just hands and sex organs?

      • LOL – Well once I got started, I forgot about the tape…I’ve never done it with someone really, that was the 1st time I’ve done that…It was a bit weird to do, but i thought what the hell. Yes he send me one on return and he made it ‘special’ in a way…it wasn’t cold, if you understand what i’m saying..

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