Strip or Dare

In this first interpretation of my six word story, the emphasis is on light-hearted fun. Stay tuned for a second interpretation in the next few days, especially suitable for my more playful followers!

It all started innocently enough.

Harry explained the rules to us. “All right, shut up, I’ve got a game.” He held his beer bottle aloft to cheers from the boys. “Each round play passes to the next person on the left. Spin the bottle, whoever it lands on takes a dare from the new leader.”

“Truth or dare?” Shannon looked unconvinced. We were in our early twenties, not our early teens. “Lame.”

Harry grinned. “More like strip or dare.” More laughter from the boys, while us girls exchanged glances. “Do as you’re told or get your kit off. Last one naked wins.”

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12 thoughts on “Strip or Dare

    • I know, I loved writing it from a nostalgia point of view alone. I think there’s an innocence to stripping games, and I don’t honestly think they lose their appeal – certainly not for me. Despite everything, I can still put myself in Hannah’s position and think “yes, that’s a bit of harmless fun.”

      There’s something about being subject to fate and the whims of other people that’s a real turn on, no matter how confident you are in your body and no matter how old you get.

      I think stripping games can be fun in the bedroom, too. New partner or established partner. Add in some no-holds-barred dares and you’ve got yourself some good foreplay.

  1. Great read. Really well done because it certainly took me back to the feeling I had as a kid watching that bottle spin. Your story is much naughtier than any of the games I was involved in. Pity… 😉

    • Haha, well it’s never too late to dust off an old favourite! Add in a new element and have a bit of nostalgic fun 🙂

      My story had to involve stripping because it linked back to my 6 word story, but I have to admit at the age of the characters here I had never taken part in a stripping game. I should have done. That’s the age where naked bodies still hold a certain fascination. Alas, I was still far too embarrassed by my own body.

      But seriously, play with a partner or a group of friends. It’s still fun!

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