Free Lesbian Erotica: Possessing Monique

Possessing MoniqueThis was wrong and Cara knew it.

Whatever had taken over her roommate, it was clear that Monique wasn’t any longer herself. No. This was someone else. Had to be someone else. And whoever it was, they weren’t going to let this go.

“You want this.” Her fingers trailed down her belly, the fairy costume pulling between her breasts, dark peaks of nipples visible beneath the wisp of semi-sheer fabric. “You want to put your tongue here.” Her hand disappearing under the waistband of the tiny, wrap skirt.

She did want it, of course. She’d wanted it for six months, since Monique came home drunk and throwing up and they’d bonded while Cara held her hair away from her face in their tiny bathroom. Cara, a full two years older, her maternal side taking over as she took care of the girl she’d hardly spoken to since she moved in.

Since that night, every time she touched herself she saw Monique.

Cara gulped. “You’re drunk.”

The laugh seemed to reverberate from the walls, too high pitched, too maniacal. “I haven’t touched a drop. You know, you’ve been watching me all night. Don’t pretend you haven’t.”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Tell me to stop.”

Cara opened her mouth, drew in a breath. The words stuck in her throat. She didn’t want this to stop. What if she never got another chance?

She could pinpoint the moment of change. It happened three hours ago. There was this stupid, childish Ouija board, set up to add to the atmosphere at Clive’s Halloween party. Monique had sat, cross-legged on the floor, her finger on the planchette, and looked lonely for about three seconds before the boys crowded in, eager to sit opposite where they could get a view right between her fishnet-covered thighs. Cara! You have to join in too! The invitation made her heart flutter and she squeezed into the space beside her friend, not really caring about the seance but revelling in the warmth of skin-to-skin where their bare shoulders touched.

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