Blow Off

I knelt, you stood, expecting me to smile
and open wide and meet your eyes, all while
you stroked and moaned and called me names, like slut
and whore and bitch and motherfucking harlot.

I grinned, obedient, ignored your words.
You shot your load along my waiting tongue.
I smiled and swallowed, licked up every spill
and didn’t say a word until you’d gone.

You weren’t the first, you weren’t the best,
you tasted like a sewer hole
we didn’t fuck, I didn’t cum
you didn’t even get a hand
inside my bra
you didn’t see him standing there
behind you
getting off on what I did
I laugh to think
you thought I picked
you were just the latest
just the nearest
just a pawn
a piece to play with
not a king like him
or queen like me
and if you think
you’re something very special
very manly
such a stud
you’re wrong.
Next time, I know,
he’ll do the same for me.


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16 thoughts on “Blow Off

  1. Love this and you make such an important point. As I imagined this, I saw a couple that enjoyed cuckolding as a form of sexual play and also mixed in other sexual play as you hinted at. The woman gets off on being treated a certain way and her man enjoys watching. The other guy is transient and interchangeable. It is about the couples journey together.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. You’ve seen the scene that I intended, so I’m very pleased 🙂

      The way I see it (and I hope that it comes across in her rather gleeful final stanza), she also enjoys making a fool of the guy who thinks he’s so special and he’s the one in charge, but really she’s in control of the whole situation.

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