His shadow blocked out my sunlight.

One moment I was lying back, relaxing, eyes closed – the heat of the sun warming my bare skin, bronzing me. Then all of a sudden it was gone. I didn’t open my eyes. I assumed that whoever it was would move on. But they didn’t.

“Do you mind? You’re blocking my sun.”

I opened my eyes and as they adjusted to the light –

Fucking hell.

He was gorgeous. No wonder he was blocking my light with shoulders like that. And so tall. He could have been a hundred miles away and he’d have still blocked out my light. Skin the colour of coconut shells and coarse dark hair over a bare chest. How I stopped my jaw from dropping open, I have no idea.

“Apologies,” he said, and he had some sort of Eastern European accent but Jesus Christ who cares where he was from? “Is the seat taken?” He didn’t look at the lounger beside me, he was too busy staring at my boobs. My bare boobs. I could feel my nipples hardening and felt self conscious. But it was one of those situations – I was embarrassed to have them on display and I was embarrassed to make a move to cover them.

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Written for Masturbation Monday Week 84

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