Are they…?

We met Ruby and Josh in the hotel bar on the first evening. They were the kind of couple that everyone smiles at. The way they looked into each other’s eyes and held that gaze, captivated, like they were the only ones in the room. Her hair, so flyaway and difficult to tame. His dark skin and darker eyes.

Eric and I were both buoyed by their obvious infatuation. That night when we made love I felt young again. It took us back thirty years.

When Ruby invited us to join them for a barbecue on the beach, to watch the sun go down, of course I laughed. Why would you want us oldies there? She just smiled and kissed my cheek, made me turn red and nod emphatically. Yes, of course, yes I’d love to. Thank you so much. You’re like the daughter I never had.

Eric and Josh took care of the food, we all drank too much.

Wine, beer, rum.

Then we sat in some old folding chairs that Josh had bought for a few pennies from a local shopkeeper. I listened and watched and felt alive. The sea sang, the breeze sighed. Ruby giggled as Josh ran his hands over her skin. It made me smile and reminisce as I sat, a little away from them, giving them their privacy.

The sun was low, the hour was late and there was a chill breeze, but Eric wrapped his arms around me and we talked about nothing. His scent, musky and alcoholic, made me sigh. It has been such a beautiful day. Yes, it has, hasn’t it? I wish we could stay here forever.

A gasp from Ruby. A growl from Josh.

I tried to be polite as their petting grew more intense, turned away but watched from the corner of my eye. Josh’s chair fell over backwards as he pushed up out of it, leaning over Ruby. Her laugh, her challenge as she turned away. His face, just inches from hers.

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