Lightning flashed across the night, throwing skyscrapers into silhouette as another torrent of rainwater broke against my coat. I laughed. Gregory and I ran together, our arms intertwined. It felt good. The thunder growled, vibrating through my chest, competing against my own heartbeat as my feet splashed through puddles that drenched and froze my legs.

We reached the steps of my apartment block…

Read the rest of this hot little story for free at the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette!

7 thoughts on “Elevated

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m just glad that people enjoy my work, it’s always nice to hear!

      I’m looking forward to the other one coming out, whenever that is… just as a hint for regular readers, it’s a little bitter-sweet, so something just a little bit different (but of course still with the erotic theme).

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