Freedom of Tweets?

Recently I’ve been a bit more savvy with my use of Twitter. I want to build a platform there that allows me to connect one-to-one with my readers, rather than just using it for spewing out promotions. One of the changes that I’ve made is to start using TweetDeck to filter various threads instead of relying on the information dump that is the timeline.

One of the advantages of this approach is that it allows me to separate non-erotica content from others. That’s useful so that I don’t end up being flirty with a nun or something (example only, this hasn’t actually happened, and as far as I know I’m not following any nuns… do nuns even use Twitter?).

However, the advantage is also a disadvantage.

One of those non-erotica folks – one that I highly respect, and won’t name – tweeted asking erotica authors to show consideration for other people. Not everyone wants to see sex in their timeline.

That’s fine. I get it. But those people are free to ignore it. Or not follow an erotica author.

Not everyone wants to see pictures of cats, or lesbians kissing, or black people, or Donald Trump. That doesn’t mean it’s reasonable for those people to ask that nobody makes posts of those things.

How far should we go in “being considerate”? Should we avoid using certain words for fear of offending someone? Which ones are off limits? Just swear words like fuck? Body parts like penis and nipples? Sex related words like suck, lick, cum and orgasm? Does context count (again, I give you cats…)?

I think the whole world needs to start being a bit more tolerant of different people. Sure, I get it, some people don’t like sex. I don’t ask those people not to use Twitter just because I disagree with their opinion. Personally, I like sex, I see it as an extension of normal human interaction. If I’m going to interact with my fans on Twitter then sex is bound to crop up.

So I guess what I’m saying is, Twitter folks be warned – if you follow me, you are giving permission for my tweets to appear in your timeline. You’re free to ignore them, you’re free to be angry about them, you’re free to discuss them with your church group and decide that I’m going to hell.

But if you ask me to stop, I’m free to refuse.

30 thoughts on “Freedom of Tweets?

  1. You’ve got it in one, if you follow an erotica author, sex of some kind is going to come up. Just as if you followed a porn star or something. I get that things appear on your timeline that you don’t like, that’s why there’s is the mute and unfollow buttons. People can manage what they see.

    Personally I want to see sex if I follow and erotica author, I would be disappointed if I didn’t – so keep going Nicci keep it as you were and your follower will need to work it out for themselves. I’ve jet to start your story… but very soon I hope to dive in!

    • I almost replied to that person’s tweet, but then I thought: “they are also free to tweet what they like”.

      But I’m free to rant on my own blog 😛

      And, exactly – you’ve got it. People who follow me will be disappointed if all I tweet about is what I had for lunch.

      Unless what I had for lunch was an orgy.

      • Well exactly – did you have an orgy for lunch? lol
        I’m not sure I understand the mentality though, the other one that annoys me is the do-gooders (which have their beliefs and that’s fine) telling bloggers that they shouldn’t have oral sex because it’s sinful and bad. They do this on the basis that they’re ‘saving us’ while I know what they’re doing – they go about it in a very wrong way.
        (I mean fuck – can you imagine a life with no oral sex?) 😉

        • Not today, but you never know…

          Nobody has ever told me not to have oral sex. Ever. I mean that. Nobody.

          In my opinion, every time someone gives a blow job, an angel is born. Two if it’s cunnilingus…

          • I bet that lunch does arrive with the sandwich man – although a sandwich might be involved lol
            I can imagine an angel is born when it’s you getting a a good bit of tongue too. It can’t just be limited to blowjobs…

            cunnilingus? Did I mis read something? 😉

  2. I have never understood the taboo about sex. How some people are simply scandalized by the thought of it. Every mother-scratcher on this planet, save for a test tube baby or two, got here the same way: fucking. WTF is wrong with people that they can shut themselves off to the part of life most important to ife?

    • I don’t understand the taboo, I think it’s silly. But I respect people’s right to their opinions. I just don’t see why their embarrassment should have any bearing on the way I live my life.

      Follow an erotica author, expect sex. Just like if you follow a horror author you should expect violence, or gore, or at least something scary occasionally. It goes with the territory.

  3. It’s pretty ridiculous to follow an erotica author and then ask for no sex. It’s laughable! Wtf? I’m not on Twitter but geez. The world is not tailor made for anyone. And sex is awesome!!

    • Haha, I definitely intend to! The point of this post was to rant and get it off my chest without responding to that tweet as I wanted to. I think I was very restrained. Go me!

      On a side note – Guy, your comments, likes, etc. on my blog aren’t coming up in my notifications. I mention this so that you won’t think I’m ignoring you if I don’t respond!

  4. I’m sure it’s been mentioned here, but there is this handy dandy little feature with Twitter. You can tell it in the settings to not show you sensitive material. However, if you don’t have the handy dandy feature of “mark my tweets as sensitive” checked, then it won’t warn people that it might be explicit. BUT, if you follow an erotica author, and it’s stated clearly that they write about sex, how are you not going to expect to see sex-related tweets?

    • Exactly. And if erotica authors didn’t have sex related tweets a) why bother identifying themselves as erotica authors and b) that’s not giving the genuine audience what they want.

  5. Reblogged this on Mischa Eliot | M. J. Spencer | Author of SmuttyWorks and commented:
    Are you on the Tweeter? How about Facebook? G+? Well, you’re going to end up seeing things you either don’t approve of, don’t want to see, or get highly offended by. There are ways to fix that and if you’re one of the more sensitive people out there, the best bet may just to stay off social media altogether. If you can’t do that, then don’t follow people you disagree with just because they’re doing something that offends you. There’s a handy way to prevent from seeing things you don’t wish to see in many ways.

    I completely agree with Nicci – if you follow me on Twitter, or any other social media platform, you’re going to see sex-related posts. It’s been known to happen. So please, put your feelings in a box and don’t rant about seeing things you dislike if you follow someone that posts things you disagree with – KISS. (Keep it simple, sweetheart – yes I changed Stupid to Sweetheart – so sue me.)

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