Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Little Earthquakes” by F Dot Leonora

Exposed And Horny On The Poolside…

Themes: heterosexual, oral sex, cunnilingus, outdoor sex

Reading Time: ~5 mins

Author: F. Leonora Solomon

Link: Little Earthquakes on F Dot Leonora’s blog

On his knees, still fully suited, he kissed her thighs and tremors went through her like little earthquakes. He detoured to her knees, and made like he was not going to end in his final destination but when his lips touched her damp lips just barely from a recent wax…Sabrina squirmed with pleasure.

Bored Sabrina gets her pussy eaten out in this short but so so sexy one-handed read.

I absolutely adore the way that this story is written. Somehow, despite being so short (you could read it in under 5 minutes if you’re not…otherwise distracted…) there’s still a gorgeous slow build here that really works in its favour (I love a slow build). The climax is hot and the few words are just enough to put images in your head of what’s going on. Expertly done!

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