KDP Select Sale – Today’s FREE Books!!!

So as announced yesterday, I’ve got free and reduced books for the end of my KDP enrolment period. Today’s selection? It’s a FREE EROTICA day!!! These 3 books won’t even cost you a penny.

Girl Next Door – Lesbian Temptation

Girl Next Door 2nd Edition v3

A MILF is seduced by her younger neighbour in this story – one of my earliest books. There’s also a whole heap of extras here that aren’t available elsewhere – they used to be in a separate book but I combined them because I love you xxx

Halloween Hitchhiker – Urban Legends (M/F)


A young man on his way to a Halloween party picks up a smoking hot girl in a sexy nurse costume. But is all as it seems? This is an erotica twist on the “phantom hitchhiker” urban legend!

Fiery Heat – Nerdy Lesbian First Time

Fiery Heat Small

A game of dungeons and dragons, a quiet apartment, and someone’s casting heat spells in this first time lesbian erotica tale.

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