Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “The Tights That Bind” by Jupiter Grant

Who do you trust to bind and gag you?

Erotica Themes: heterosexual, sex toys, soft BDSM, female perspective, stockings

Reading Time: ~10 – 20 mins

Author: Jupiter Grant (on Twitter)

Link: The Tights That Bind (free on Jupiter’s blog)

Satisfied with his handiwork, he sat back on his haunches and took my other stocking in his hands. Still looking deep into my eyes with his lustful gaze, he tied two knots in the middle of the stripey nylon and with the simple command “Open”, pushed the knot between my teeth. I raised my head to allow him to tie either end of the makeshift gag around my head.

In a hotel room, a woman is bound and gagged with her own thigh-high stockings and subjected to a round of pleasure from her sex toys.

This story is all about the sensations, and I’m here for it. After consent is explicitly given at the beginning of the story, the unnamed narrator relinquishes control and the anticipation builds. Every touch is described with sensual detail and the squirminess of the situation the main character is in translates nicely into real world squirminess. I challenge you to read it and not touch yourself…

Special shout out to Posy Churchgate yet again for finding this one and sending it my way!

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