Sewer Gators


The biggest she’s ever seen…

New York sewer inspector Chrissy Burgundy just wants to explore the 19th century sewer tunnels beneath her city. But when her footing slips and she finds herself plunging into the darkness, the last place she expects to end up is in the well-toned arms of an Australian alligator hunter.

Rick Irvine has been living in subterranean New York since the 1980s. Together with his trusty “guard dog”, Leroy, he’s on the hunt for a huge, semi-legendary albino gator. But when Chrissy crosses his path, all he can think about is getting her out of her wet clothes and into his bed.

Chrissy needs to return to the surface, and Rick knows the way. But with the sewer gators swarming, and carnal passions ignited, this is going to be the hardest journey of their lives.

Sewer Gators is Episode 2 of Lusty Urban Legends and can be read on its own. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults.

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