Forgetting Miki

When you break up with someone you really loved, it doesn’t matter if it is Valentine’s day or any other day – you still feel that loss, like grief. But my advice is this: learn to love yourself. That’s what Caroline needs to do in this story. And no, that doesn’t have to involve masturbation, but there’s nothing wrong if it does.

It was Valentine’s day, and for the first time in three years Caroline was spending it alone. When Miki broke up with her she had screamed. Actually, literally screamed. Then had come the rain: “I love you, Miki. I don’t think I can go on without you. I’m never going to be whole again. You’ve done this to me, I hope you remember that!”

Came the response: “You’ll be OK.”

And then Miki was gone. Perhaps forever.

This story is now available in “Strip or Dare

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