Review: My Dear Alien


A sexy, explicit and frequently hilarious journey into the world of tentacle sex. This story was fun to read and a real turn on. Mintie Price writes well and the descriptions are fresh and interesting. I felt that the main character could have done a bit more to change her Earth-bound situation, but loved the story from beginning to end.

Purchasing and Versions

“My Dear Alien” by Mintie Price is available from Amazon. For Kindle Unlimited subscribers it’s free. There’s no running series here, but Mintie is prolific, so if you like her style there’s plenty more to choose from!

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The Kink

Tentacle sex… ah, let me just savour that for a moment.


OK, I’ll carry on now.

I know Mintie. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve guest posted for her a couple of times. So I did mention to her that this was a kink I’d been meaning to check out.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s the thing with tentacles: they’re dexterous, phallic and slippery; they can be hard or soft depending on the needs of the situation; and there are bloody loads of them. I’m guessing that this is a kink that appeals equally to men and women because, well, yeah. Let me just say again: lots and lots and lots of Slimy Dexterous Dicks™.

The Plot

The main character, Bree, is instantly likeable. She’s trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who probably thinks that foreplay is a type of engine degreasant. So she gets her kicks in the way that women have since the beginning of time – masturbating out in the cornfields on their farm.

Don’t tell me you haven’t.

Things heat up (further) when she’s transported aboard a spaceship, where she gets her dose of tentacles while being cheered on by a bizarre kind of sex-bot. The subject matter isn’t treated in a terribly serious way, as you can probably tell, but it is hilarious and sexy, and that’s a great combination!

Finally, Bree is returned to Earth and has to deal with her situation there for herself. Bree is such a great character – dry humour, a unique perspective, a willingness to take matters into her own hands (innuendo intended). But the ending here wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I wanted her to take an extra step, or show me that something had changed fundamentally for her outlook on life, but alas it wasn’t to be. Still, disappointing character choices are open to personal preference, and the story here is well developed and expertly written.


This is a sexy short story of desire, masturbation and tentacle sex. It fulfilled my need to take a look at this kink and didn’t disappoint. Bree is a fantastic character who carries the story along well, and there are interesting supporting characters too. For me, Bree needed to show a little something more at the end, but the sex is hot, the story is well paced and the writing is excellent!

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5 thoughts on “Review: My Dear Alien

    • Don’t get me started! This review took me longer to write than the story took me to read, thanks to a need for frequent breaks.

      The possibilities for those tentacles…

      I’m getting a bit squirmy writing this comment.

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