Review: Laci’s Lingerie

I loved “Laci’s Lingerie”. The main character, Jodi, is instantly likable, and as we follow her journey from recent break-up to lesbian bliss, that sweetness never fades.

At the start of the story, Jodi and her boyfriend have just split up, and she’s home from college for the summer. Getting a summer job at a lingerie store (the “Laci’s Lingerie” of the title) is just a way to get a bit of money coming in. But this is no ordinary lingerie store, and very soon Jodi finds that the staff area is where the real fun takes place. Through lesbian sexual encounters with a variety of characters, Jodi comes to realise her own sexual potential, and this culminates in an unexpected, but ultimately more fulfilling, loving relationship.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lesbian tale with lashings of intimately described sex.


“Laci’s Lingerie” is available from Amazon┬áright now.

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