Excerpt: Sewer Gators

Let me go!” She screamed, stamping her foot in the direction of his shins. “Let go!”

As she struggled he tightened his grip, digging into the skin on her arm. “Hey, hey, calm down lady.” His accent was Australian. “It’s not me you need to worry about. It’s these fellers.”

He moved his flaming torch around in a wide circle, and Chrissy fell silent.

Staring back from ledges around the room were a dozen reptilian eyes, black and green, set in half a dozen grinning faces that belonged to prehistoric monsters, monsters that couldn’t possibly be there. Chrissy had heard the legends a gazillion times. She hadn’t even believed them once, not even the first time when she was six and her best friend Becka Tomason told her the story. It didn’t make any sense. Alligators living in the sewers under New York was about as likely as dialling 666 and getting a direct line to the devil.

Alligators,” she whispered.

That’s right. Nasty little critters if you catch ‘em on an off day, but these boys aren’t hungry right now, so we’ll be fine, just so long as you do as I say.”

OK.” Chrissy squeaked.

See that door over there?” He turned her around and shone the torch into a corner. A fat alligator lazed in front of a metal door with a hole where a small window had once been. She made an ‘uh-huh’ noise. “I want you to make for that door while I wave my torch around and make a whole lot of noise as a distraction.”

What about the…” She couldn’t quite bring herself to say it.

Oh, nah, that’s just Leroy, my guard dog. He won’t hurt you. He’d probably protect you now that he’s seen you with me. Just open the door and step right over him, and I’ll be right behind you, OK?”

Step over him?”

That’s right. Believe me, you want him sitting outside that door once you get inside.”

I don’t know if I can…”

Sure you can. Now go, make a move, I’m right behind you.”

Sewer Gators is Episode 2 in the Lusty Urban Legends series, and sees Chrissy and the hot Australian alligator hunter getting down and dirty in the New York sewer system. Download a sample or purchase now from Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kobo and all other major eBook retailers.


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