Everyone Loves Angus

I met Angus in my first year at college. He was this striking, awe inspiring guy, for sure, in looks and everything else. Nearly seven feet tall and built like a heavyweight boxer, with a broad Scots accent, piercing blue eyes and long, red hair that fell about his head in ringlets. His parents had died when he was eight, and he grew up in social care, but it hadn’t affected his optimism one bit. He’d see the positive in every situation. One time he broke his leg playing football and wore a stupid big grin because it meant he would get an extra day to revise for his term paper.

Like everyone who ever met him, I was in love. But Angus totally batted for the other team. I knew that early on in our relationship.

You see, we got really close. I mean, really really close. And then I tried to kiss him, and he laughed and told me the truth about his sexuality. Just like that, as if he was telling me the name of his pet goldfish. I kissed him anyway, and that made him laugh even more and he kissed me back. None of it mattered to Angus or to me, we loved each other too much to let sex change things.

In our second year we rented a house together. Not just the two of us. There was Stefan, too, and Chris – a PhD student who already lived there. But Angus and I spent most of our time together and stayed out of their way. The house was split across three floors, and was built in the fifties or the forties, I’m not really sure. It smelled of tobacco in the living room, even though none of us smoked, and had an old fireplace that had been covered over and replaced with an electric heater. Angus’s room was next to mine on the middle floor, which is why I could hear everything that went on in there.

And I mean, everything.

Angus had a thing for one of the lecturers. Not one of his lecturers, either. Angus was studying economics, while Professor Highgrove taught English Lit. Angus made me giggle by fantasizing about the professor’s cock. He said that sometimes, if he sat on the grass outside the English classroom, if the light struck just right, he could see the enormous member shifting inside the professor’s pants. He said he could tell by the way it moved that it was heavy, could tell by the shape that it was long. He would describe how it looked in his fantasies, how a single bead of cum would drip from the end and he’d lick it away, tasting its saltiness on his tongue, in his throat.

I would get a little damp and shift uncomfortably.

He also fancied Raymond Everett, the captain of the football team. That one was more instantly accessible. All the girls wanted a chance at Raymond, and from what I heard most of them got their wish. He was dark skinned, dark haired, rich and stylish. He drove a Ford Mustang and had a way of smiling that opened legs.

So when I heard Raymond’s voice in the middle of the night, you’ll forgive me for thinking that it was just my own dream.

“Oh fuck, that’s right. Right there. Oh God. Oh my God.”

Yep, definitely inside my head. The thought of grinding myself on top of Raymond Everett’s cock put a smile on my lips and I rolled over and snuggled down.

“Angus, like that. Just like… Oh, fuck!”

OK, so not my dream after all. I slipped out of bed and pulled a dressing gown around me. I always slept naked and I was living in a house full of boys. One of them at least was gay, but still.

“You like that, huh? I bet Hannah never made you feel like this, did she?” It was Angus’s voice. “Did she? Answer me.” He laughed.

“No.” Raymond grunted. “No, she didn’t. Oh, fuck, do it harder!”

Still blinking away sleep, I unlocked my door as quietly as I could and slipped into the hall. Their voices were muffled, but they weren’t trying to hide them. It was amazing I wasn’t joining a queue – surely everyone in the house, probably the whole neighborhood, had heard them.

I heard a little bleating sound, accompanied by a gruff barking sound. Among it all was the creak of springs and rickety floorboards.

I’m not really sure why I kept quiet. Over that racket there’s no way they would have heard me. But, you know, I’m a naturally polite person.

Anyway, Angus’s door wasn’t locked, or even properly closed. Which was typical Angus. I’d lost count of the number of times I walked past his room in the morning and saw him draped over his bed in nothing but his boxer shorts.

“Fuck, this is a good workout,” Raymond said, laughing. He was lying face down on the bed while Angus bore down on him, his ass raised in the air moving back and forth as Angus thrust into him over and over.

Beside them both, naked as the day he was born, Professor Highgrove watched and masturbated, squeaking and bleating as his fingers trailed over his slightly unbelievably long cock, flicking the end and making it bounce back and forth.

“Don’t slow down, Angus, please don’t.” Raymond moved his ass up and down, and as he did I got a good view along his entire body. He and Angus were facing my way, but they were lost in what they were doing.

So, what’s a girl to do? I could hardly go back to bed and bury my head in the pillow and forget all about what was going on next door. I couldn’t exactly say hi, either, because I probably would have given them all the fright of their lives. So I did the only sensible thing. I slipped my fingers inside my dressing gown and touched myself while I watched.

And wow. I was sticky. Tracing my fingers over my lips, rubbing my clit, dipping in and out, it wasn’t long before I was gasping and bucking along with the boys. The thought of Raymond underneath me, the idea of the professor in my mouth. And of course, Angus was there in my fantasy too. It was a fantasy, I wasn’t second guessing.

At some point I closed my eyes, and I must have cried out I can think, because when I opened them again Angus was looking right at me. The others weren’t. They were having far too much fun fucking themselves, fucking each other, all that. But Angus had spotted me.

He was still thrusting into Raymond, I should point out, who was by this time looking pretty exhausted but still wearing a smile. Angus had reared up to his full height, which was impressive, and gripped Raymond around the waist with his enormous wrestler hands. But he was looking right at me.

“Sorry,” I mouthed, and that just made him grin.

He stuck his tongue out at me, glanced down between my legs, then increased the speed of his thrusting while a half smile played on my lips. With a shrug, I went back to what I was doing, then retreated to my own room when Angus came inside Raymond with a roar.

Next day, I tried to apologize but Angus wasn’t having any of it.

“It was nice,” he said. “I like spending time with you.” Then added, “Did you eat the last of the Cornflakes?”

I grinned and nodded, and that just made him laugh.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 117. Visit the site for the picture that inspired these words and loads more free erotica from a host of awesome authors!


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