New Release: Sewer Gators

Sewer Gators.jpg

The biggest she’s ever seen…

When New York sewer inspector Chrissy Burgundy goes off to explore an old sewer tunnel, all she’s expecting to find are examples of 19th century sanitation architecture. But when she falls down a shaft and right into the arms of Australian alligator hunter Rick Irvine, her life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting. Chrissy needs to return to the surface, but how can she resist the temptation to have her way with this straight-talking wild man?

Sewer Gators is Episode 2 of Lusty Urban Legends and can be read on its own. Although I am trying to get the pilot episode, Halloween Hitchhiker, to be free on Amazon (it’s currently free everywhere else). Watch this space!

Buy it now:
Smashwords (get a 40% sample for free!)
Coming soon to Kobo and Nook

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