Work Drinks – Masturbation Monday

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife.” Jay raises his bottle to his lips, then pauses. “But men aren’t made the same way as women. We have needs, you know?”

I don’t nod. Don’t make any sound that might be construed as agreement. He’s not looking at me anyway, he’s looking at the girl the other end of the bar, and she’s stealing glances at him, glossy lips, long lashes. She looks like a nice girl. Jay took his ring off before he even came in here, so it’s not her fault. He knew what he was looking for.

“Shit, just look at her. I’ll finish this one, but then I’m going to have to leave you, Mike. I mean, where I come from you just don’t pass up a piece of tail like that. I want to feel her lips around my cock before the night is over, you know what I mean?” He turns back to me. “You know what I mean.Β Right, buddy? You’ve been married for how long now?”

“Seven years.”

He laughs. “Yeah, you know what I mean then. Seven year itch, right?”

“I have to piss.”

I make my way across the room, squeeze past a group of students singing along to the jukebox, and out to the gents. My phone is buzzing in my pocket.

“Hi, honey, what’s happening?”

“I think I’m in love.”

I laugh. “It’s going well then?”

“Melissa is such a sweet girl, Mike.” She pauses, and I can almost feel her heartbeat down the phone. “We kissed. I think she wants to take it further. What about you and Jay?”

“Don’t ask. He’s not interested.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I could ask Melissa -”

“No.” I shake my head. “No, you have fun, really. I wouldn’t want to intrude. It’s not fair on you or her.”

“Are you sure?”

“Totally. Love you, Nell.”

“Love you, too.”

We blow kisses and say goodbye, then I put the phone away and head to a cubicle. Jay’s been with the firm for three weeks, and Nell knew he was my type. That’s why she placed him under my wing. I thought we were starting to get close, too, but so much for that.

I pull my cock out and close my eyes. I didn’t really need to piss, but I was getting so hard while he was talking dirty, imagining myself in place of that girl. I start to stroke myself back to full mast while I think about him towering over me, his shirt torn open from our foreplay. Of course, he would overpower me in the end. Physically, I can’t compete, but I’m not easily subdued. I’d give him a run for his money.

A little grunt as I squeeze the base of my cock, tug along the shaft, feeling the skin shift over the hard tissue beneath.Β Well? His voice in my head is deeper than in real life.Β What are you waiting for?

I smile as I imagine unbuckling his belt, roughly tugging his pants. He’s wearing black underpants, tight and small. His cock is hard underneath, pushed flat against his thigh. As I pull them down it springs free, ten inches. I change that to twelve. After all, why not? Twelve inches of thick, dark heaven. The tip is damp with precum and I lick it away.

Fuck, Mike. Do it.

As I suck him off inside my head, I masturbate in real life, stroking my shaft, running my fingertips over the sensitive head. I start to moan, not really caring if anyone might come into the gents and hear me. “Jay, that tastes so good.”

Are you ready to cum?

“Yes. Fuck, yes.”

I hold my hand around the head of my cock as I start to orgasm, moving up onto my tiptoes and moaning with the power of it, catching my own cum in my palm. So much it becomes difficult to keep it from dripping.

With a sigh, I start to calm down, feeling my own pulse in my neck. I stop and listen, but there are no sounds in the room and I think I’m alone.

After I clean myself up, I head back out into the bar, but Jay is nowhere to be seen, and nor is the girl with the glossy lips and the eyelashes. I order another drink and sit on a stool, listen to the jukebox and the tuneless students singing along with it.

“Hi, er, your friend left with a young lady. Just in case you’re waiting for him.”

I glance over at the man. He’s older than me, a touch of grey in his beard and at his temples. Strong features, though. Firm jaw. High cheekbones. Looks like he’d overpower me quickly, but I wouldn’t mind finding out.

“I know, but thanks.” I hold out my hand. “Mike.”

“Evelyn.” He grins and adds, “I know, right? Family name. Kinda feel a bit like that song, you know, the Johnny Cash number. My name’s Sue, how are you?”

I laugh, and he takes a seat on the stool beside me. Maybe this evening isn’t going to be a complete waste, after all.

Written for Masturbation Monday Week 119, hosted by the one and only Kayla Lords. Head over to Kayla’s site for a ton more sexy stories of all flavors!


21 thoughts on “Work Drinks – Masturbation Monday

  1. I had to tell you a funny. Last night I was complaining I didn’t have anything to read in the tub. My boyfriend said, Just wait for tomorrow…Nicci will have Masturbation Monday! lol I think all of his guys at work are aware of your work!

  2. Okay, so I broke the rules and read this at work today … holy hotness. I almost got caught three times and then I couldn’t comment because I had to run around like a looney tune! Absolutely love this story, it’s hot and has a very interesting ending. I hope Evelyn gets exactly what he’s looking for. ;D

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