Celebrate Pride Month With Free Erotica

To celebrate pride month, I’ve decided to give away all of my work. Free. No catches, no conditions. I have generated unlimited giveaway codes throughout June for each of my books that aren’t already free through Smashwords as listed below. And because it’s Smashwords, the files are DRM-free too, so you can put them on all your devices.

So far there are no male/male books in this list, but I’ll try to correct that over the coming week or two, depending on time constraints (check back here for details) – there are also a few male/male short stories around on my site for free already. I have more books on Smashwords that are free permanently too, so do check around.

LGBTQIA+, whatever your sexual preference, be proud to be you. Love is love.

Voices_of_LustVoices of Lust (Short story collection, Straight/Bicurious) – use code DJ44Y

Gifts_From_The_Old_God_new (1) Gifts From The Old God (Straight/Tentacles) – use code ZE86H

one-stormy-night-5 One Stormy Night (Lesbian/Bi Swinger) – use code YX24C

cover2 Pittsburgh Tales (Short story collection, Straight) – use code ML58Y

sewer-gators-4 Sewer Gators (Straight) – use code JY88W

Lesbian_Liaisons_2 Lesbian Liaisons (Short story collection, Lesbian/Bi) – use code SG34F

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