Business Decisions

My first published book, Girl Next Door, has been a free download for several months now, and despite being downloaded a massive number of times, I haven’t seen any significant improvement in my income – in fact, because it’s free, I’ve actually had a slight income drop because sales of the other “Lesbian Temptation” books haven’t compensated.

So, I’m trying out a different option.

Girl Next Door will no longer be free for the foreseeable future (although if you’re really quick you could probably grab a free copy before the price change). Lesbian Liaisons, a book of companion stories, will now be included as a part of Girl Next Door and won’t be on sale separately. I’ve also, with a massive amount of help from Mischa Eliot, made a new cover!

Girl Next Door 2nd Edition v3.jpg

Girl Next Door, along with the second book in the series, One Stormy Night will now be available to Kindle Unlimited readers for free.

That’s all – just a quick update!

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