New Cover: Jasmin’s Close Encounter

Jasmin's Close Encountr

She might be Earth’s last hope…

Unappreciated mathematics genius Jasmin only needs three things: to have some fun before she joins the world of work, to find a man who sees more than just her body, and to feel some emotion other than contempt for the entire universe.

But with an interview for NASA lined up and an admirer who’s far too quick to take her ditzy-blonde act at face value, it seems like life’s determined to continue on the same downward path forever. Then her admirer falls prey to something tentacled in the darkness of a Welsh cave, and in a heartbeat everything changes.

Will she ever make it back out alive? Or will the thing in the darkness get its tentacles on a second victim? And are the two mutually exclusive?

This story is a mix of Lovecraftian fantasy, erotica and humour. It contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. And consenting aliens.

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Yes, I’ve been updating a few covers lately! I’ve also done a few updates to the books themselves and they’re releasing now on previously unavailable platforms.

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