Let’s Talk About: Infidelity


Let’s Talk About: Infidelity

Cheating is a strong theme in porn and erotica. Extramarital (or extra-relationship) affairs are far from uncommon. Cuckold porn abounds, titillating those who enjoy the idea of humiliation, but so do subtler portrayals of temptation, lust and the thrill of an illicit encounter.

The second erotic story I ever managed to get published was a tale of infidelity. Shades Of Red, which you can read in my “Pittsburgh Tales” collection, is a bittersweet exploration of the passion between a woman and her married lover. Tracy knows all about Jon’s other life, knows that she is the “homewrecker”, that for him she is as much an adornment as a piece of jewellery or his flashy Porsche.

Even so, she can’t help the desire she feels.

So just what is it about infidelity that’s such a draw?

Continued on the Sisters In Smut blog!

Want to read a FREE story of infidelity and temptation for a girl-on-girl encounter? Part 1 of Her Best Friend’s Lips is already live right here on my blog, with part 2 coming this Sunday at 5pm GMT!

Her Best Friends Lips Cover

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