Free Erotica: On His Naughty List Part 1

On His Naughty List part 1

“You’re so good to do this, Michelle. The kids love it.” Yasmin, Heather’s mother, leaned in and dropped her voice. “And just where did you find him? I would go on his naughty list anytime…”

Michelle laughed, hoping it sounded non-committal, as she glanced over at Santa singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and high-fiving with little Heather. “The money’s for a good cause,” she said, addressing the first part of Yasmin’s comment and giving a suitably long pause before adding, “That’s Loman. Derek’s brother.” She let her eyes wander, just a little, trying to keep her pulse under control. “Half brother,” she muttered, excusing her own hormones.

Yasmin raised her eyebrows. “Really? He’s a lot younger…”

Michelle nodded. “He’s nineteen. Half my age and barely a third of Derek’s. A year younger than Sarah, even.” She caught Yasmin’s expression. “I know, I know. It was quite a shock for the whole family. We only found out about him when the will was read out. Derek’s mother wasn’t best pleased.”

“God, I bet. And Derek?”

She rolled her eyes. “Derek is Derek, of course. Finding out he had a brother younger than his own daughter…” She took a deep breath as she thought about the text from Sarah on her phone, left unanswered. “Let’s just say it’s taking him some time to come to terms. Especially since the kid got an equal share of Harry’s estate.”

“Ooo, that’s gotta sting.” Yasmin licked her lips, the grin barely disguised. Everyone knew how Derek felt about money. “So he’s young, loaded and cute. Are you…you know…?”

Michelle laughed. “Stop it!”

“What?” The mischief in Yasmin’s eyes almost sparkled. “If I looked like you I would be screwing every young stud in a twenty mile radius.”

“Should I remind you about your husband and kids?”

“Ugh.” Yasmin huffed. “Please don’t. You know Kenzy has started telling Heather that Santa isn’t real? I had to flat out lie to her to get her here.”

Michelle smiled and nodded as Heather jumped down from Santa’s lap. “Sorry, that’s my cue.” She absently tugged at the fabric of her top. The elf costume was a little tighter this year than she would have liked. New Year’s Resolution: a few more hours on the treadmill.

“Have fun. But not too much, if you know what I mean.” Yasmin winked as she caught her daughter. “Hey, sweet pea.”

Santa said maybe.”

“Maybe what, honey?”

Michelle started walking away, but couldn’t help the wry smile at Heather’s reply: “Maybe he’ll get me a pony, of course.“; an awkward pause, then, “Well, we’ll have to see, baby.

The dressing room was little more than a utility closet behind the stage at the community centre: dingy, cluttered and barely large enough for the two of them. One of those pin wall things had been set up as a partition to provide at least a little privacy, and there were two plastic chairs for convenience, but mostly Michelle’s blushes were spared by an unspoken agreement to look the other way while they changed out of their costumes.

“Thanks for doing this. I mean it. The kids loved you.”

Loman laughed. “No problem. I love kids. And like you said, it’s for a good cause. How much did we raise?”

“Not sure.” Michelle shrugged. “At least five hundred.”

“That’s cool. I’m glad I could help.”

“Derek would have done it. He was just busy with work. You know how it is.” Why did she feel like she had to make a show of defending him? She slipped the elf top over her head and breathed a grateful sigh at divesting herself of the tight fabric.

“Well. I get it, but I don’t know how it is. He needs to learn to balance business with pleasure.” There was an awkward pause. “Sorry, I shouldn’t say that to you. Oh, hey, hold still, you’ve got a bit of tinsel…”

Michelle felt his fingers stroke her shoulder blade, then her bra strap plucked as something came loose. Instinctively, she turned, and nearly bleated as the blood drained from her face.

Nothing but a pair of tight briefs.

That was all he was wearing.

She barely got a glimpse before her eyes darted back up, hoping it didn’t look like she was sneaking a peek. There was a silent moment, filled with the image of what she’d seen, the bulge behind those black briefs. God, her mouth was too dry to speak.

“You’re supposed to be facing the other way!” She folded her arms over her chest, hiding her hardening nipples.

“Sorry. We’re family, right? And if we were at the beach we wouldn’t care.”

Michelle didn’t respond. Was he serious? Couldn’t he see how inappropriate it was to even be in this situation, let alone touching her…

The thought of his fingers on her skin made her want to squirm. Damn that Yasmin! Putting ideas in her head. This was all her fault. And he was right, dammit! It shouldn’t matter. The only reason it would be inappropriate was if they were thinking about…well…she refused to think about it.

“Sorry,” she said, feeling the blush rise to her face. “You just caught me by surprise. I’m shy, that’s all.”

He shrugged. “People get so hung up about their bodies in this country. I spent a few months in Germany last year and it was a totally different attitude. And for the record, you have absolutely no reason to be shy. You’re totally hot.”

Michelle couldn’t decide what she was supposed to say. He said it so casually it would be childish to tell him how inappropriate it was. She reminded herself that he was from a different generation with different attitudes. They weren’t so prudish about these things. And like he said, he spent time in Germany.

Did that make a difference?

She hadn’t been to Germany, but if they had a different outlook…

“Thanks,” she said, as casually as she could muster while her belly fluttered. Then she laughed. “You’re the first person to say that in a while.”

“I refuse to believe that. But, you know what, I’ll look the other way.” He laughed lightly, like it was no big deal. “I’ll try to avoid thinking inappropriate thoughts. For your sake.”

As he turned, she squeezed her legs together and decided to change the subject. “Will you come to supper later? It won’t be much, but I’d appreciate the company. Derek won’t be home until tomorrow evening, so-”

“He’s not going to see you on Christmas Day?”

“Well, in the evening.”

He laughed incredulously. “Sure, I’ll be there.”

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