Erotica I’ve Masturbated Over: “Twisted Fairy Tale #4 – Hans and Greta” by Posy Churchgate

Themes: BDSM, elements of non-consent, heterosexual, lesbian, chastity, feminization, humiliation

Reading Time: ~5-15 mins per part, 7 parts

Author: Posy Churchgate

Link: Twisted Fairy Tale #4 Part 1 (via Posy’s blog)

So while this is technically non-consent erotica, don’t be fooled by that label. That sort of erotica can sometimes take a very dark, rapey, almost glorifying tone, and I am not a fan. But Posy’s story is something quite different and is very very hot. Based on the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, there’s no way that the witch could have been anything but a force for evil. A sexy domme force for evil, but a force for evil nonetheless. She doesn’t have the consent of either Hans or his submissive best friend Greta, and both are being held against their will. But there’s a definite sense that while Hans and Greta may not consent per se, the acts they’re “subjected to” certainly aren’t entirely unwelcome and are enjoyed in the moment. The bottom line is that this is pure fantasy fun, nobody gets hurt and it mixes elements of horror neatly with the erotic themes. It comes close to that difficult line, but not so close that it ever feels uncomfortable.

I highly recommend spreading the parts over different days as I did, rather than binge the whole thing, as the anticipation of what’s going to happen next is half the fun (also it provides a nice regular dose of masturbation fodder)!


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